Sally Hohnberger believes that faith can play a huge role in how Christians navigate the uncertainties in life. And better yet, she knows that when we exhibit our faith in a God of our understanding, we can become shining examples of trust and conviction, which can serve as a bridge over troubled waters.

Sally Hohnberger on faith-building

A crisis of faith typically starts with a real-world crisis or personal catastrophe. Our country, and even the world, have experienced more emergencies in a compressed time than ever before. A global health pandemic, loss of incomes and homes, cyberattacks on our nation’s infrastructure, domestic terror, and ongoing civil unrest to shine a spotlight on racial bias and inequalities – are just a few of the crises we have experienced.

Sally Hohnberger knows that these difficulties do not exclude Christians. But, many Christians will walk through these calamities with an uncanny sense of peace and tranquility. Why is that?

These are likely individuals who have strengthened their faith during previous times of uncertainty. Trusting God during difficult times doesn’t happen all at once, according to Sally Hohnberger.

Instead, it is the result of sitting through many painful moments in prayer and reflection. It is turning to biblical truths to renew your mind and refresh your spirit. And, it is taking responsibility for what we can do about a situation and leaving the rest in the hands of an all-powerful and capable God.

The role of faith during times of crisis

Ephesians 3:20 – New International Version: 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

Sally Hohnberger knows how the unpredictability of life can leave us feeling stranded, as if on a rapidly flowing river without a life vest. But, it is the role of faith to keep us afloat in the spiritual realm. Helplessness and worry are transformed into physical action and emotional calm. It is truly the phenomenon of faith that escorts us safely to shore.

Faith is an anchor. It allows us to face the facts as they are. Faith mobilizes us with hope and provides a vision when there is no clear end in sight. And, faith renews our love for the ones around us while also providing moral guidance as we walk an uncertain path.

Enlist your faith during hard times

No one is immune from hard times or desperate moments. Faith is a blessing given to believing communities that can help us address anger or circumvent depression. It can also relieve our fear of the future during times of uncertainty.

Sally Hohnberger suggests these ways for Christians to respond with faith during hard times:

  • Be careful of where you get your information. The advent of the internet has made it possible for both reliable and fake news to spread like wildfires. It is best to resort to reputable medical organizations to learn the facts of a national health crisis. Then use this information as a foundation for your prayers and your actions.
  • Avoid surrendering to fear; instead, stand on faith. While this can be extremely difficult when situations hit close to home, Sally Hohnberger knows that fear paralyzes and causes extreme anxiety, neither of which will be helpful in successfully navigating your family through a crisis.
  • Faith is an action word and can be best demonstrated by compassion. We have seen how food and fuel shortages can cause havoc in supermarkets and gas stations. But, faith would not have us fight over a loaf of bread or turn to stockpile what we don’t immediately need. When you show compassion to others, a faithful God will also deliver compassion to you.
  • Substitute worry with volunteer work and donations. This is the Christian response to national or local emergencies. Sally Hohnberger can recount countless people who have stated that volunteering to help neighbors after a catastrophic weather event did more to restore their own peace and hope than anything else.
  • Continue to fellowship with the body of Christ. Make sure you stay in contact with other believers, either by telephone, email, or other means. Even when Sabbath services are canceled, Sally Hohnberger stays connected to her faith by attending services online or listening to a wonderful pastor deliver a televised sermon.

James 2:5 – God has chosen the poor of this world who are rich in faith—Salvation is gained by keeping the whole law—Faith without works is dead.

In times of emergency, Sally Hohnberger stands on her faith to get her to the other side. Continue to look up, maybe you’ll see a rainbow, a sunburst through thick clouds, or a night sky dotted with the brilliance of distant stars. Make that moment time to reenlist your faith, hope, and charity during times of emergency.