Sam L Wright is the Co-Founder of the Organic Clients Agency, a branding agency specializing in the field of press and social media growth, a company designed to help elite entrepreneurs and influencers worldwide grow and scale their businesses through taking their brands to the next level. 

Sam is from Southport, England – but his agency grants him the ability to work from anywhere in the world. This means he could be building you a world-class brand from an Arizona apartment or Balinese beach hut – either way, he’ll help you get the recognition you deserve. 

Today, we sat down with Sam as he revealed why investing in your brand is key for your success as a business owner or influencer. 

Read on for the lowdown: 

Tip 1: High-level people work with high-level people.

With a mediocre brand – infrequent content, a small following, unranked in the search engines – you’ll only attract mediocre business (if any at all). Instead, you’ll remain stuck in “hunt mode” – not having your ideal clients and customers come to you. In fact, most likely, they’ll run a mile if they DO come across your brand but if your brand is on point…if you’re posting regular, killer content…if you’re enjoying a steadily growing social following…if your name is plastered over Google…your dream clients and customers are heaps more likely to be curious about you. In fact, there’s a high chance they’ll actively seek you out. 

Tip 2: Trust and authority is the way to sales.

Investing in your brand can bring credibility on a massive scale, which gets people talking. “Buzz” surrounds your name. You draw people in like a tractor beam. This makes you less likely to reach out to prospects because they’ll be too busy rushing your way – but if and when you DO reach out, they’re more likely to respond. You see, being credible can turn you into a client magnet, fast. Again, your prospects are drawn in by your polished profile picture, quality content, press appearances, and endorsements from past and current clients. Soon enough, even prospects you once chased feel like they’re missing out if they’re not working with you. 

Tip 3: You are your brand, your brand is your business.

To quote Grant Cardone’s “Branding Before Advertising” video: 

“Your brand is your business. Before you spend a dime on advertising you need to make sure your brand is set up and visible. EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.”

Branding is imperative for your business. Period. It makes doing business a cinch; attracting high-quality leads, selling to them, converting them to clients…elite branding removes the struggle from them all. In fact, done right, elite branding can set you up for life. Worrying about where your next client is coming from or how you’ll make the rent this month will soon be a distant memory. 

Quoting Cardone again, branding will save you 10 years of hustle and grind.

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