Sameer Jangid

Sameer Jangid,  the amazing Singer who has given us such memorable hits like “33 Foot Road Wala”, “Paara 90 Degree”, “Mull Pyaar Da”,”Time”,”Munda Fan Hoya”, etc, is now set to debut as an Model in Bollywood very soon. His reputation as the singer of such romantic and peppy songs has made him a heartthrob among music lovers everywhere. Now with him shifting gears to acting, he is bound to replicate his success rate in that field as well.

“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life,” Ray Sameer Jangid stated.

The above adage seems like a catchy tagline. It’s enjoyable, simple, memorable, playful phonetics. But it is far more than a mere motto. It’s an ideal way of life. It should be a healthy way of life. And getting to share it with the universe is one of the most life-altering pieces of wisdom.

We turn to music for the comfort that it brings. There is a thrill to be found amidst the reverberating beats and a sense of connection to be felt in the way artists express themselves. Music makes us feel less alone, and the people behind our favorite songs remind us that our life experiences are shared. They tell us that even in times where we believe we are unseen and unheard, someone out there understands us.

Sameer says music can touch a person’s soul. It holds an undeniable power that can penetrate the heart, influence the mind, and flow into the spirit, eventually stirring the blood as it becomes part of one’s entire being. People often talk about how they can “feel the music.” That rings true, especially if the artist is passionate about making beautiful music that conveys their thoughts and emotions — translating into words and melodies others’ otherwise unexpressed thoughts and emotions as well.

Many people who aim to enter the music industry want to be great singers. It seems like a glamorous lifestyle and many people think it’s easy.  It’s just singing, right? Who can’t do that? Wrong! Singing is something everybody can do, but not everyone can do it well.

Below given are some keys to having a good singing voice

Being in Control

Certainly one of the most noticeable factors in whether someone seems like a good singer or not: are they in control of their voice?

Having good vocalcontrol means staying “on pitch”. This means singing the pitch of notes accurately, rather than a bit sharp or flat. It also means not wandering off key or singing in the wrong key to begin with.

Singers with good vocal control are able to sing each note distinctly for the intended musical effect in a melody or harmony. They can also handle note leaps accurately, not jumping too far or not far enough in pitch whether they’re hitting high notes or low. Working on your control will help improve your singing.

Know your range

Becoming a better singer is partly about knowing your range and sticking to it. Some people have more range than others, but everyone has a sweet spot where your voice sounds best.


A good singer doesn’t just belt out a song regardless of whether they are in tune or not. When you are consistently aware of your singing voice, you will be more attuned to knowing if you are able to hit the right notes, produce the right pitch, and just have a better idea as to how you sound.

Warm Up

Before you go for a run, especially in a race that matters (but hopefully all the time), you spend a few moments stretching your muscles, don’t you? You lift your legs, push them in ways you don’t normally, and you can sometimes look a bit strange doing so, right? Many people don’t think of singing as using a muscle but you are putting strain on parts of your body so you should take your time and stretch before every performance, just as athletes do.

Everyone is born with a different voice and vocal range. The art of learning how to sing and how to improve your individual singing voice is learning how to work with the tools you already have in your toolbox. Working to improve your singing voice takes a mix of ingredients: balance, coordination, and the right exercises sameer quoted.

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