When you carry peace within you, you have the ability to remain calm and joyful at all times, regardless of outside circumstances, or what life offers you at any given moment, says Sameer Mahan.

Mahan, a dynamic, young educationist, activist, and lifestyle influencers shares his 3 ways to achieve inner peace:

  1. Accept What Happens:

 Whatever has happened, and what is happening now, just say “yes” to it. Do not resist it. When you struggle with the way things are now, you’re struggling with the entire universe.

  • Teach Your Mind To Be Still:

A turbulent mind cannot be at peace. We need to teach ourselves to move from turbulence and into tranquility. 

  • Practice Mindfulness. 

A mind that is at peace is in the here and now; it’s not thinking compulsively about the past and the future. You can bring your attention back to the present moment by doing the following:

  • Place your attention on the feeling of aliveness in your body: in your hands, your arms, your legs, and so on.
  • Place your attention on an object in your environment and take a moment to really look at it.
  • Take a moment to feel gratitude for something in the present moment: the coffee you’re drinking; the comfortable chair you’re sitting on; the sweater that’s keeping you warm; and so on.

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