Sameer Sawaqed

Sameer Sawaqed is a 23-year-old Gen Z influencer, mentor, and business development representative in tech, who was motivated to make a difference and drew his inspiration from him successfully losing 100+ pounds at 19. As soon as he saw the opportunity out there globally, he figured many people his age lacked a couple of things, namely mentors and information. As a result, he launched The More We Know Podcast, a mentorship podcast focusing on helping people in their 20s gain mentorship and insight in an hour or less.

The More We Know Podcast is a first-of-its-kind mentorship podcast that is entirely free. “I am a mentorship podcast—not a real estate podcast, not a sales podcast—it is your mentor in a pocket. There is nothing to sell, just value. As a fellow Gen Z, I am your personal advocate with the questions I ask as I try to learn just as much.” The podcast aims to get listeners their ROI from high school to college and more by giving them access to some of the best content in the world. The podcast has guests from every industry, so listeners get a variety of content and advice.

Sameer attributes his motivation to the first-ever brand he built, #CommitWithMeer, a weight loss brand that documented his weight loss journey and saw its impact on others. Sameer grew up with many mentors ranging from senior investment bankers, Fortune 500 executives, start-up founders, actors, and more. He wanted to share his wealth of experience and knowledge, and what better way to do it than giving people access to a mentor in the form of an interview. Case in point, his most recent podcast guest is the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez.

He also expressed his fear of leaving the earth without leaving behind an impact. “I want to build something so that when I am gone, I know I can continue to impact, inspire, and empower others. There is no better feeling than inspiring and empowering others.”

Asked where he sees himself and his company in five years, Sameer said, “I imagine my podcast getting one million+ listeners of Gen Zs and millennials alike per episode. I want to build The More We Know into a mentorship community of hundreds of thousands of individuals. A community gives people real advice and real mentorship so they can build their own business, become the actor they want, whatever it is—it is possible.”

Sameer teaches his listeners and followers to understand the importance of mentors and getting started in life. As a budding influencer, he is building a mentorship podcast to help others gain as much value as possible so they can take action in their own lives.

Sameer wants people to understand that with the right mentors, the right information, the right heart, success can be achieved. “The best way to do that is by doing it yourself. So I strive to build something. As a Middle Eastern born here, my parents taught me the value of gratitude and the American dream. I strive to pursue excellence like my parents did, and we all have it in us to achieve that. The journey is the beauty.”