Samir Tahir is a 25 years old Forex as well as day trader. He was born and brought up in London, England and in the growing years, he has faced serious repercussions of destitution and his parents shifted from different places In London to give a superior lifestyle to their son. Also, after watching the struggle of his parents, he decided to become successful in life and accomplish a lot of things. At the tender age, the city of London changed his mind as he started searching for an ample number of opportunities and gives an opinion that London can be fruitful for those who are willing to put real effort and want to have a high-quality lifestyle in their early years of life. At the age of 10, he decided to figure a way to end the poverty life he was living and wanted to give his parents a lifestyle they dreamed of and promised his parents that he will accomplish a lot in life so that we can live happily ever after. Moreover, he learnt from several people in London and had a dream that he will have financial freedom one day.

During college years, he decided of dropping out and says that it was one the biggest risk he ever took. At that moment, he thought that school was not providing any fruitful knowledge and didn’t want to work all day long for a small income. Besides, he used to believe that the world is a massive place to explore and wanted to live his life by gaining valuable experiences. He did not like the idea of having a 9-5 job and got upset when he realized he could be trapped in that life. Although, after finishing college, he learnt various things from YouTube and started trading Forex to gain an income. His creativity turned out to be creative as he embarked on earning more money as compared to a regular job just by sitting at home. Furthermore, his passion for Forex escalated as he began learning more stuff related to Forex and after 3 months of continuous practicing, he converted his $400 into $15,500 in just 12 weeks using a demo account. This demo account was a life-changing moment for him as this gave him more confidence to trade on a real account.

During his college days, he was studying to become an electrician. After a certain period, he gave a thought of dropping the course and said to himself that he has to figure out something and said “it’s either now or never”. Again, he began working on Forex and started learning about the market prospects. At the age of 17, he was all prepared to trade real money and traded £50 in the beginning. After 5 days, he made a profit of £565 profit which was amazing for a beginner trader. Furthermore, risks are considered a vital part of any business and he dropped college at the age of 17. After this decision, he was making a great amount of money and proved his proposal to parents thus giving a feeling of euphoria.

After a few years, he made money so that life can be enjoyed and gave his parents their dream life. Also, in the early twenties, he started travelling the world without any worries and became a popular personality. He began getting messages on social media about his successful life. Moreover, he started sharing his knowledge thus assisting others and that was the time when the brand FXLIFESTYLE was created! FXLifestyle is a Forex Signal company where he let other people copy all the exact trades that he took daily. He was helping others gain the same amount of profit that he was getting and now FXLifestyle has over 55,000 active members at the current moment and is now one of the world’s biggest Forex signal companies in the world. Also, he began sharing his luxury life on YouTube which gained over 52,000+ subscribers and gained an entire following of over 300,000+ on all social media platforms in total. He became one of the most well known current Forex traders for his flashy lifestyle and for the fact that he came from absolutely nothing.

Living in the present, future goals should be designed and accomplished with the right mindset and proper direction. He wants to aid others who had undergone poverty and will be grateful to make millionaires with the help of Forex. He also wants to invest heavily in the property market as he believes that it’s a safe option for the future. Moreover, he will always be looking for new opportunities to grow and learn new skills. Last but not the least, he wants to grow the FXLIFESTYLE brand and educate millions of people around the world to achieve success in the Forex markets just like he did. 

After achieving massive success, he states that poverty can be a struggle but anyone can turn their life around and achieve their goals, as he once had nothing and felt hopeless, so he will always be grateful for what he has now. Before FXLIFESTYLE ever existed, he was at the lowest point of his life not knowing where he would be in the next 5-10 years.