There’s an empowering battlecry that’s echoing among women of all ages these days, one that focuses on health, strength, and confidence. Strong is sexy–and gone are the days where women work towards achieving the emaciated aesthetic of 90s heroin chic and the largely unattainable bombshell proportions of the stereotypical Victoria’s Secret Angel. Today, women have embraced the idea that strength and confidence go hand in hand with health and nutrition. And for women who truly get this mindset, women like Sarah Pelc Graca, empowerment is key to reaching your goals. 

“One of the most important realizations I’ve had in my own weight-loss journey is that an empowered mindset is the real secret to a successful, sustainable, and lifelong weight-loss – and something that no extreme diet can ever provide,” she explains. “I’m a weight-loss coaching and fitness instructor–and I enjoy the occasional chocolate and wine–so should you,” she enthuses. 

This statement perhaps best captures how and why Sarah’s approach to health and fitness works. Her program is designed to be sustainable long-term. It focuses on building a healthy mindset towards food, learning how to make better food choices, improving your emotional relationship with food, and developing effective health habits.

As someone who struggled with weight-loss herself, Sarah believes that tapping into a tailored program that can help boost your confidence in your ability to achieve your goals is critical to your success. 

“Whether you’ve tried every diet and every new exercise plan or recovering from an injury or a health issue, I know how it can be demoralizing without constant, empathic support. I get that–and that’s a big part of what I’m here for.” 

For Sarah, strength isn’t just simply about your ability to lift a certain number of pounds, or how many rounds you go for at the gym. Strength is believing in yourself, recognizing and celebrating your wins, and addressing and overcoming roadblocks that could be preventing you from achieving your health goals. 

“Even though I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, the biggest role I play for my clients is a mix of cheerleader and detective.  I am supporting and motivating my clients every step of the journey, while searching for ways to make their lives healthier without adding too much stress,” she adds. 

Sarah is a big proponent of the idea that making positive changes for your health is self-care. And whatever goals you want to achieve, Sara’s approach is designed to achieve it in the most stress-free, guilt-free, and shame-free way possible, anchored on real, life-tested solutions and tailored according to individual needs. 

“Together, in a stress-free, guilt-free, and shame-free space, we’re going to work on your current relationship with food and exercise to develop physical, mental, emotional strength–and that’s what makes my program work,” ends Sarah.