Sarahbeth Hartlage

With lockdown orders slowly getting lifted, people will need to step out of their houses and return to regular life. While some people will have temporary fears about the COVID-19 virus, others can be too afraid of it. If you dread it, then chances are you will not take medical help, isolate yourself from others, and ruin your life due to the fright associated with it. But how do you know if your anxiety is outside your control? You have to look for signs before determining what to do with it. For instance, you can observe if the intensity of your anxiety has reduced or not over weeks and months. Constantly worrying about the virus is also an indication that you are anxious.

Like this, there can be several situations that can give you an insight into how you feel about yourself in this pandemic time. If you experience too many symptoms at the same time persistently, you need to seek help. Otherwise, it is reasonable to indulge in one or two such behaviors. After all, it is not gone yet. Anyway, here are a few things that can help you worry less. Let’s explore them at once.

How to tackle the anxiety of getting the coronavirus infection? By Sarahbeth Hartlage

Reassurance can be the right medicine

You have to remind yourself that everything will be okay once this virus ends. Already many people are recovering, and the rate of death has also reduced. Still, if you feel anxious, read the information that spreads positivity and good vibes. Don’t pore over horrors of the pandemic to keep your anxiety in control.

Logical thinking can be the safeguard

According to the healthcare expert Sarahbeth Hartlage, it is necessary to be objective about the incident. There had been tragic incidents where countless families lost their loved ones. The risk of infection is also real. On the other side, recoveries are also happening, and the rate of transmission has even gone down. From this, it is easy to deduce that the situation is improving. If you are a young person with no medical history, you can go out with facemask while maintaining social distance.

A shift of focus from the body to other areas of life can be helpful

It is normal to feel something is wrong when you start watching your physical health too closely. You can notice things that may not have bothered you earlier. It can only intensify your worries. So, let your mind think about something positive. For example, you can take part in fun activities. Anyway, you don’t have to rush for all these. You can choose one step at a time and resume your old daily routine at your pace. It can make you feel safer and boost your confidence too.

If you can’t get over your anxiousness, you should seek your general physician’s or a psychologist’s advice. You don’t have to visit their clinic until it is necessary. There are credible online platforms that can help you connect with an expert from the required field.