Employers across the globe have adapted to several new measures to curtail the spreading of the deadly coronavirus. The “new normal” includes more people working from home that can worsen individual health potentially by limiting choices for social interaction and physical activity. With well solutions during this unique situation, organizations can make sure that minimum economic losses are due to the health workforce, which can continue performing job tasks at an optimum level. 

Different Changes that you can make at the workplace according to SarahbethHartlage

The COVID-19 outbreak necessitated the requirement to prioritize their employees’ health and well-being in terms of both mental and physical health, with the coronavirus taking the toll. According to SarahbethHartlage, employee wellness programs are an effective means through which employers can address this crisis and their health issues. All the stress and uncertainty caused due to the pandemic can impact the employee’s mental health and well-being. The most important asset of a company is the people, and a good wellness program can help employees navigate such challenges. According to Hartlage, during the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes are necessary to make in the workplace for employee wellbeing. They are

  • Deliver webinars on different topics covering everything from stress management to healthy eating and more.
  • Promote mindfulness
  • Offer access to fitness apps and online workouts to help employees exercise during isolation as gyms remain closed.
  • Encourage every employee in taking regular breaks
  • Offer workplace safety assessments and virtual ergonomic assessments to remote employees.
  • Entourage remote team members, virtual fitness challenges so they can compete with their colleagues.
  • Offer simple fitness equipment like resistance bands or dumbbells to allow employees to work out comfortably at home.
  • Provide access to healthy eating and nutrition information
  • Offer access to various online counseling services related to relationship difficulties, financial distress, mental health, and others.
  • Offer space on corporate social network or intranet where employees will discuss fitness and health goals.

Foster Performance and Resilience

The sudden shift from office to work from home possesses the potential of de-railing performance. So it is vital to ensure that employees have adequate support, flexibility, and infrastructure to comfortably do their task to the finest of their ability during the current situation.

Promote EAP

Offering employees with an EAP or Employee Assistance Programme will be the right gift for employees. It will offer them access to counseling, legal and financial assistance, and family support. During this pressing time, companies will do well in promoting this program for the long-term. Such wellness programs will work wonders in improving engagement and reducing healthcare costs by making it simpler for every employee to access the care they require to stay healthy. The programs can entail chronic disease management tools, nutrition support, and health coaching to gym reimbursements.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unfold, every leader should ensure that their employees are physically safe and socially and psychologically supported to help them emerge from this crisis and get ready to embrace the opportunities.