Mentors are more than just friends, and for teachers, they do need one mentor who passes their experience and knowledge in a new level of everyday modeling and often informal conversation. You just need to pick the right sentences from the books.  The mentors will certainly develop the educational voice and hone your academic blade.

The mentoring process has been very much popular among schools to carry forward the relation of peers in their development. Many schools take the opportunity to reach a large number of their teachers in a controlled environment and provide them the access of their educational and recreational support to enhance their mentoring abilities.

Structures of school-based mentoring

  • Can easily be offered to one-to-one and group formats for a flexible activity.
  • Emphasize to facilitate academic improvements in schools.
  • Can be managed by the school or with a community-based programme.
  • Mentoring is mostly based on a developmental process
  • Recognizes the professional activity in teaching.

What makes a good Mentor?

Well, according to the educational researches there are few qualities which can be the criteria of a mentor. Inspired by some of the mentors I have met and based on educational experiences, in my opinion, a good mentor is

  • Respects to the teaching standards and helps to solve the problems through a different context
  • Listens to the mentee, but makes the decision when to pause and when to start
  • Collaborates with the teachers and shares the experience
  • Celebrates your success as a good mentee and teacher
  • Models the best practices that can be applied in the same teaching practice.

It is not necessary that only experienced teachers can be the mentor, new teachers are also born leaders and can by the mentors. It is all about the uprising of the teaching practices and the pedagogical expertise but importantly about leadership and attitude.

It is often seen that during the mentoring programs many of the mentors provide their men tee the tasks to Write my assignment cheap UK as part of their training and also to train them about the process which will help them in making assignments

Reasons for a School-based mentoring programme

Many of the schools across the globe provide mentoring programs for their teachers especially new teachers to provide them the path to walk through the teaching profession that is practiced in the school. There are many prominent evaluations done in the researches that are school-based and the findings are noteworthy:

  1. The importance of the school-based mentoring program is necessary as these programs produce the outcomes that are similar to the community-based programs and impact the performance, student behavior management, and attitudes. It is also noted that many schools do not provide meaningful time for mentoring during the school academic year and unfortunately has to be continued in the following year also.
  2. It is also found that the mentoring programs are significant for self-esteem and peer-support, but still, the findings may be varied in terms of race, age, and gender.
  3. The most important factor is the closeness of the teacher relation. The effectiveness of the program will also help the academic improvement in students as they can easily be approached and diverted for better academic performance.

Mentoring – Need for Teachers? WHY

Sharing of teaching experience

Let’s face the fact that experienced teachers are an asset and they can easily pass on the knowledge and their teaching experience, but you need to know the trick to learn from them.

Mentors were also mentees before

No one can blame your experience as a new teacher. It is not new to the mentors as well. They also have started the same pathway of difficulties and have learned from the advice and some inside information from their peers. Experienced mentors can share extra information like making of the lesson plans, conducting evaluations and sharing of ideas. Mind it that mentors can be your best confidant and the dearest one too.

Keeping you on track

To lose in the race of teaching is very common for new teachers and thus your experienced mentor can guide you through the responsibilities and instruct you where and how to move in understanding the curriculum and the preparation of observations, lesson planning and the making of the assessment. In short, they will help you to be on track. What is taught to you, will not be back? But the way the mentors pass their wisdom and making sure that their ideas are based on facts and can be achievable by the teacher, you just need to close your door and improve the bonds of your professional position