A discussion for the necessity of the submission of the current educational system to the quickly evolving mass consciousness of the post coronavirus state for a united humanity.

The raising of social consciousness as the new worldview was established prior to coronavirus, yet now elevated from extreme potential energy into rotational motion of kinetic energy, is in the first stage of realization through the activation of the boundary state as reached through our collective consciousness as exhibited through a mass exodus from the old way of thinking and living.

Our old way of thinking, living, producing and consuming was all completed with the intention for self gratification, self fulfillment, albeit necessary to some degree for our existence. Nature’s example of not overproducing, over consuming, with no intention for self fulfillment to excess is the picture of completeness which we must seek to adhere to for sustainability of balance. This balance is that which is necessary for all subjects within the system to exist together, without stealing from its source without giving back enough to complete the circle.

Connection is the remedy, One receives One, we get back what we put out, the laws of nature are the principles which govern the natural phenomena of the world, the natural world ‘obeys’ the Laws of Nature. We are part of this natural world and as such we need to be giving congruence back to our integral, collective nature through our intentions of existence. The new world we are looking to inhabit is not on another planet, the opening is being presented right here and now.

We are building this new world each day with our intentions and thoughts.

As a global entity, either we are determining how to take care of ourselves or we are choosing how to take care of everyone else, we as a collective cannot do both at the same time. Either we are focused on external issues belonging to others or internal matters which we own as an individual part. While everything appears to emanate from within the seemingly individual parts, they are still connected to the whole and not separate from.

Each and every time in our progression through our lives as a collective humanity, we are given opportunity to find a new state where we are to see how to unite towards a greater force, a greater adhesion, each state is more advanced and requires different, higher intentions and choices. We must realize our destiny, we are in the time of the general correction requiring alignment which is globally engulfing everyone. All inclusive, none left behind. Let us appreciate the opportunity we were given, Let us not waste any time on imaginary businesses or other such things, only to be close to each other and thus the integral nature of the world.

How to transform social distancing to nearing? What are the foundations of a new society? We exist in a global integral world, in which certain integral laws are activated, controlling our small world, the universe and the whole system of creation. We need to see them and perceive them in our integral world view. If we are not synchronized and work correctly with it, taking into consideration all the integral aspects, we receive feedback negatively, depending on our distortions we introduce into the system. Presently we see this as coronavirus. We cannot say it is bad, it is here to equalize us.

We are in the time where we feel this integral world and it needs to be normalized into its complete and finalized system for humanity in this world. If we act correctly by taking proper steps then we will discover this entire system. If we don’t relate to the system in a congruent way by bringing ourselves closer to one another and to the system, we receive obstacles seemingly, influence is upon us that move us into different directions. It is with the best intentions that such a coronavirus appears and we have been given the place to sit with our families, to be still in a manner we did not have before. This is all calculated by nature in a very precise way, this is an integral picture.

The system influences us in all kinds of ways. This system evokes certain reactions that follow the way that we must act with this integral system in order to push us forward. Eventually we will begin to feel this as a collective, becoming closer and more understanding of one another. We will remove from our world a huge amount of irrelevant dealings, professions, perhaps stop relating to the earth as if it has unlimited resources where we can extract anything we want from it for our own purposes. We will stop relating to our atmosphere, our oceans as if it is something that is not needed to remain intact. This is nature reacting to our greed, our need for our excess to fulfill our ego.

We can very quickly bring ourselves into correct interaction with nature. This will be a very lengthy process of interacting with us and the integral nature until we come to the place where we desire to understand and apply how to remove all of the excess in our dealings of the world. By shutting doors to all kinds of businesses and activities in order to only have what we need that is necessary for our existence, leaves plenty for everyone else here and those to come. In order to bring ourselves into balance with the surrounding nature, that everything will calm down and we will truly begin to feel through this integrality a balanced world with a higher guidance.

We have come to a state that we have distorted the balance of nature through the environment around us to the degree that no system can maintain, yet through this we have found an opportunity to examine the condition to grow during this great generation. In reality the correct closed ecological system that we live in and are a part of, is a system where nothing is used in excess. Everything is used for necessities of existence everything else is given for the benefit of the system. This is called a dynamic balance.

Let’s take the human artifice including still, vegetative, animate and speaking; if anything leaves the system imbalance is achieved between all of these parts of nature. Nature has an answer, a response for everything. The problem is in the human being, in our egoism. We begin to use our existence to rule, to dominate nature. We simply need to understand this principle of integrality of nature is being harmonious and interdependent. If we don’t advance towards this in a good way then nature will resist us, gradually and then when we harm and distort by reaching a certain apex where nature will not tolerate the imbalance any longer, then it moves against us. Problems then begin to occur as being certain explosions, hurricanes, tsunami’s, certain technical catastrophes and such like the coronavirus, not unlike an internal war. Nature has an unlimited collection of reactions toward humanity and this is because humanity evokes these reactions upon itself. This coronavirus is straightening us up in a very serious way so that we will learn how to act towards and within nature

The values of the old society are being shattered. This blow that we are receiving now is a global blow, everyone has gotten it, the entire humanity. It is going into places that have not been reached until now, including all of the isolated islands and remote places.

For example, we are at home, we then go outside and feel it is as if when we go outside we bring this virus from outside to within. But actuality is this virus is within each one of us, it is just awoken from within. These external signs that we infect each other, in reality this is not so. You can find a remote island far away where people know nothing of this and you will discover after a certain time, through not even touching these people or coming into contact with that population, that they also are starting to exhibit these symptoms of the virus.

It is not passed through the external way. Of course it is easier for us to look at it this way, in an external manner and keep all these social distancing aspects with each other. But these are only external and approximate signs. Everything depends on the people from within, because we are connected with our feelings, our thoughts, our intentions, through this remote communication. This is how we pass the virus to one another.

We are inside this integral nature as it is a sphere and exists within a certain internal balance. People were created as an egoist on purpose and we constantly shatter this balance within ourselves reflecting outwards into the nature that surrounds us. Our problem is regardless, our ego is constantly developing and we need to come to a state where we bring it into complete balance. We are currently performing a restriction upon our ego and will begin to use it in an opposite way, toward bestowal and toward the correct connection between all of humanity. We will then take from nature only what we need, only the necessities.

A normal person today they need to make money, have a wife, children, the house and education. We don’t need to bring harm to Nature with our external actions. We need to function in a manner where we are in complete balance not in a static balance, but in a dynamic balance. So when a person will act in this way, the world and the person maintain a positive response, beginning to acquaint himself with the integral system of the world. How does it works, according to which formula becomes answered and applied through layers of integrated response.

This upper force within nature, between our connected states, is called a creator. So we can look at this as if we are opposite to it and its balance, that we could begin in our development to see how we are not similar and how we need to change in order to be closer to nature, as an integrated system of creating for others. That we begin to obtain this for us above what currently exists and realize the constant desire of Nature to be in balance with us in this connection.

This is the purpose of the existence of human beings to come into a certain level of connection with nature that is called the Upper force. When we come to that state, we will begin to sense that we are in a state of perfect balance, comfort, knowledge, eternity, perfection; a state that we must reach. So this virus is that hit which has awoken and awakens us back and exists for the correct reasons. In order for us to find the proper interrelation with nature and to come into correct balance with it. To come to the relation of our nature and the correct connection with the Nature.

The virus does not lead us to distancing from one another, at leads us to a realization that through the incorrect way how can we become closer to each other. Since we are egoists, our proximity with one another should not only be in order to use one another and everything around us, yet because this is the case, the virus pushes us away from one another and teaches us in the future what kind of intentions and actions internally we must have towards one another in order not to harm each other when we are in close proximity to each other. This virus is very complex, it is a program, a very wise program which came from nature revealed from within us and forces us to reprogram our relations between us.

To build a correct desire towards revealing the purpose of the virus, to see our mistakes and in our communication with one another towards which this virus is pointing. This is not enough. We also need to understand how we need to be interconnected with one another, in what way we need to connect with one another, our coexistence, our connection, our unity needs to be correctly calculated in relation to our desires, our egoistic and altruistic ones, so that we will not bring harm to one another and the whole system. We need to properly relate to one another within our intentions, then we will begin to have correct relationships and build them upon correct degrees.

We can say that today for the first time in humanity, one force is acting upon the entire humanity, evoking within it one effect, and this speaks everything, that we have come to an integral world and nature is relating to all of us as one. Which will break us and keep breaking us more and more with increasing severity if we do not seek to abide by its integral system.

The start of correction begins from within so that the entirety of humanity will follow. They will begin to understand these concepts of the integrality of our nature and that we need to determine the correct direction for our development is to fulfill our program. Altogether we are working on our cells simultaneously as we are working in the surrounding society, through our thoughts and intentions.

We’re not talking specifically about this virus removing huge portions of our population, this will not change anything. Our earth can feed 20–30 of billions of people with the huge unpopulated lands that exist on this earth can feed billions of people as long as we don’t destroy all of it, we can find a way to work with it. By restricting our incorrect influence and activities on earth originating from within each one, the pollution will go away as we see, everything clears up, and animals that haven’t existed for hundreds of years will reappear.

This all depends upon our correct interaction with nature through our thoughts and intentions as the root of integral existence, not from a reduction of population. We can see what is being written in the newspapers and on the internet that all of these animals are beginning to reappear in locations that have been vacated by humans interactions. Nature wishes this correct attitude towards itself from us and then acts accordingly in a quick response time. If we in the smallest way begin to understand the correct connection to the system the healing can be exponentially quick.

So when we begin to come in contact with the force of nature, we will begin to work correctly interacting correctly to the rest of the world. We need to interact with one another and the force of nature in an integral manner and this force will move through our thoughts and intentions throughout the whole world in a balanced and selfless manner, creating a new world. We are seeing now how the boundaries between these states are disappearing, there are no boundaries in reality for they are as compared to psychological relationships. When one feels something as bad, he pushes it away to reject it completely, after which then begins to emerge the sparks of desire to change into congruence with the balance of integrality.

It is not simple, people are sitting at home in contact with each other in their immediate family, very slowly accumulating information, Impressions, desires, complaints which will soon yield their next reactions. We will see it shortly within a couple of weeks the additional problems emerging from within families by the seeming close proximity, from being locked away together. We are being given yet another layer of scrutiny, to feel how to connect over the perceived differences.

At the same time we are seeing a great increase of the ability in time and space to perceive all is an opportunity for goodness and for growth as it strips away all of our inner tensions and problems between spouses which occur, that it may not be difficult between families. We have been given an opportunity to enter into the system of humanity with the understanding that our thoughts and intentions are the correct route of adapting our ego to work with all of nature instead of against.

Anything that cramps nature’s integrality is not going to work, the businesses which have been removed need not be put back into place as it was before. It is the time to expand the technologies that we have before us in order to travel the spaces of the world from within our individual physical space. May we draw the right conclusions about our attitude towards the world and to have a different attitude towards life. As we examine further, we will see these professions disappear after this virus passes over us in the months to come. We can no longer work for our own personal benefit but to find satisfaction and advancement through nature integrally providing and leaving enough provisions for all.

The virus through certain people it comes and it kills them on that animate level, other people it reprograms them and in others the virus comes in to make the change and they’re not even going to notice, it’s just like taking another breath. There are many levels of exchanging in this process of reformatting, of thinking in a different of state of existence.

If we relate to everyone with the new programming, we will be able to see and interact with the Upper providence of nature through and with everyone. Our influence on nature reaches a certain threshold and here we begin to trigger a certain reaction of feedback, which is not a negative feedback but a correcting feedback that advances us forward. It feels as if a negative but this is not its original intention.

The entire system of man’s life in this world is in the process of changing, the economics, the financial, relational, with only the necessary for our survival is going to remain for normal life. Not back to the caves but with the things that we need for good healthy sustenance and no more than that for everyone. We are going to realize where we need to exert and where we shouldn’t as we will have a lot more free time. Space with which people will be able to spend time advancing toward attaining and understanding the integral nature process for us to grow with and from.

So we shouldn’t be afraid of what’s going to happen, we should be afraid of doing what’s unnecessary. The economists are going to ask us to keep consuming, to keep producing and continue more manufacturing of materials that we don’t need, this will only continue to damage the environment and ourselves. We see that the environment is already being cleansed and purified in the short period that we have been forced to stop contaminating it.

Don’t mean to insult humanity at this point, but we can’t panic. We understand what is before us, we understand that it is all included in Nature’s plan and it is all for the benefit of humanity in order to bring us and unite into an integral system, to bring us back to one common system. So why should we panic in the larger picture? We don’t wish any harm to anyone, may the calmness not frustrate or be irritating, instead please join in the calmness as it is easily multiplied.

We will now have travel in a different dimension, to travel and fly everywhere and anywhere we want, from one world to another, to not only see just this tiny planet. We will see what it is like to live outside of our body, it is in our control. The virus is the medicine which helps us to rise to the next degree of existence of sensing nature, so don’t be afraid. These apparent and great losses of ours are being replaced with higher values and purpose. All of the ways of old with the traveling, fashion ect., was all just to fulfill oneself and take up space. We are being pulled into a different space where people are willing to change for the betterment of others.

Of course conspiracy theories will arise, in regards to the virus being some sort of premeditated weapon, we don’t say anything for or against this because nature will still do what it does and men cannot do anything to stand in its way. So even before these theories become widespread, the virus will change the perception. nature will move in its own way and all of our theories about existing and political or economic gains, that some people are pulling the strings or working some mechanism, will fall to the wayside and be revealed for what they are.

The mask we wear now really covers our ego, our inability to connect for the benefit of others. We are to seek how to remove the partition of social distancing and connect from within by realizing we are all one connected entity and no separation exists in reality only in our perception. Our strength is in the common mask of ego between us for the greater good of all humanity.

It is natural for a person to have to justify problems through their eyes and ways that they can think it will be clear to them yet it is all on a micro-level. Now on this global scale with all of the changes that are taking place in affecting absolutely everyone regardless of rich or poor countries, healthy or unhealthy people, old or the young, the virus is sweeping the world, being studied in every country as we are all going to find out together how to progress. So let’s not pay too much attention to the rumors and the theories. There are many new egoistic opportunities which will arise, they are given also for us to choose to remove ourselves from, so as to not return to the ways of old.

In this play, we can watch and admire. Yes, we paying for it with lives and suffering each in our own details, yet in the end, the larger picture of humanity, we will be transformed. Yes, there is a price to pay a big price, in the end humanity as a whole is going to advance into something great by understanding his inner purpose of nature, of how it works. This is the greatest pleasure that man can have.

A place where those that are currently living and those that are already assembled to the next level are experiencing the greatest pleasure of where man attains the inner program of nature. The supercomputer of integral nature where we see how it all works on all the levels across all time across all worlds. This understanding, this perception of everything that it gives ternal and tremendous pleasure. This is what we call attainment of Nature.

When we can see that every government is giving the financial necessities for every person’s existence, next we will see how they are going to provide for all of the population to be fed and we will see this progress of moving toward how for all to exist in this environment during our lives here before and after, for us to perceive all of it as one whole movement, one home and advancement towards attainment of one great nature. It is the single greatest and biggest pleasure known to man. We are getting closer and soon we will be able to feel it to a higher degree as we keep advancing towards it.

Coronavirus is transferred through the air, spit, the hands, all vessels of reception for self, tools with which we transfer essence to others and back to ourselves. We can change the essence of this transfer with a simple, not easy, change of our intentions from reception for self to reception for others. If we do not seek how to actively attain this change from within, we have the distinct possibility of attracting further, stronger viruses.

If we don’t stop this, we will invite more viruses to the whole world from this violation of balance in nature as not being connected wholly as an integrated system. This period of time is educating us that we will not be the same people we once were, yet an evolved humanity, one global entity seeking to fulfill the sustenance of others with a higher form of corporeal food and input. Effectively, the sending of love to all the world.

Each state we are being progressively given allows us the opportunity to rise together as one unified entity with our inner connection being weaved and even more revealed. We are taken down from each of our previous states to rise above once again, each time ascending to higher heights, seeking the balance as offered by Nature. Each state is seemingly more distant than the previous, yet we are actually being given the opportunity to raise a request for the others, not for oneself.

Fear supports an opportunity for faith above our current reason, unless if we feel it is more important to give to others, we will not be able to give to the integrated system it’s required congruence. Without fear we cannot move into faith above reason, natural fear arrives in many things, yet our greatest fear is being shown that we are not giving to the integrality of the laws of Nature.