Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier

Happiness they say it is a choice but choosing Happiness in life regardless of all the circumstances life throws at us takes a lot of strength from us. Being happy and able to face all the work loads of life with lot of smile and strength is a big task and of course not also an easy one.

  To be able to embrace happiness in life one needs to be able to apply some personal task as there is never positivity’s in being sad or bitter about life encounters. People have some many ways in which they are able to find their own happiness and for a matter of fact happiness can never be brought, it often comes naturally in life but scientific have been able to give out few ways which you can attract happiness in life.

  Here are few of the proven scientific ways to be happier with life:

  1. Sleep More: According to scientist having a long and regular sleep when needed often trigger the sense of happiness. Finding happiness sometimes come from having a regular and adequate rest which will also bring about relieve in the brain and heart which will automatically increase happiness. Research have it that not sleeping for four hours at least at night may lead to lower level of optimism and other studies proves that skimping on sleep can damage our job performances and academic performances.  
  2. Meditate: Mediating is also a great way to find happiness in your own world, when you give yourself the chance to think about the things you have done and did well then you will be able to find fulfillment in life. Having alone period to mediate give chances for a great happiness. Research proves that eight weeks of daily meditation can lead to greater happiness.
  3. Turn up tunes: Music and great tunes are also friends of happiness. Listening to music which pleases your soul can strengthen your happiness as a whole. Research prove it that listening to music with the goal and desire to become happier may actually lead to greater happiness than listening for the sake of listening.
  4. Get a new hobby: Most time seeing new things which we find new interest in often gives us desire happiness. Research proves it that the feelings of accomplishment and self confidence that often come along with gaining new expertise often trigger the sense of happiness in us.
  5. Write it down: Putting down the things that has cause you some form of sadness is another great way to introduce happiness into your own world. Researcher suggest that physically tossing your worries can lessen their hold over you, on the flipside if you can.
  6. Get busy: Having a great and busy schedule often help take away any negative thought which might trigger the sense of un happiness in you. Researcher proves that the more sex people have the happier they tend to be. For a great instance Mario Casas spoke about how he has manage to get over some certain hard days of his life simply by embracing his talent which has brought about his immersive happiness today.