Screen Time For Kids; How To Limit Screen Time For A Child

In today’s era, children have grown up with the boom of technology and various electronic devices easily accessible to them. This whole situation comes up with the grand challenge for the parents to limit screen times for kids and provide them proper guidance.

Some parents consider it a good distraction for their children. They can easily engage their children by giving them a tablet or mobile phone in their hands. Watching different colors and moving objects on their screens will quickly grab a child’s attention, but it will leave drastic effects on his mental, physical, and behavior development. This page will worth reading for you as I am going to discuss how to limit screen time for kids ? 

How to limit screen time for a child.

However, we can’t overlook the significance of technology. It plays a significant role in spreading awareness and makes it easy to learn things more rapidly.
At the age of 5-6 years, parents can utilize their children’s screen time by showing them a visual presentation of their school lesson, which will help them understand things in a more effective way. But make sure that this should be done under parents’ supervision.

Schedule proper timings when they are allowed to use their phone once a week or fortnightly. All gadgets are strictly banned during their homework and study time. Do not provide personal gadgets to children less than 12 years at least. Must turn off all digital devices before going to bed.

Keep an eye on your child

Educate them and involve them in a discussion about what are they watching and how it will benefit them in their future. Block the content or websites which you think are not suitable according to their age. Explain to them why you are putting these sanctions on them; otherwise, they will become rebellious and will break all the rules made for their safety
Promote more physical activities by involving yourself with your kids.
Kids at the age of under five years love to engage themselves in activities in which their parents are involved.

Engage them in playing outdoor games, doing a puzzle, or spend time playing with their favorite toy set. Try to spend more time with your family and kids by making some dinner plans.

Drawbacks of excessive screen time on children’s growth.

• It may stop the cognitive growth of a child in the early years of his life.
• Lack of physical and mental activities affects the behavior of a child.
• Limiting them in front of the screen will stop his thinking power and make them lazy.
• Negative impact on brains of toddlers.
• Digital appliances such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops emit high-intensity blue lights that negatively affect their eyes and damage their retina.

Final Words;

Screen time for kids is a topic undergoing intense studies nowadays. Many researchers linked depression in toddlers and teenagers with excessive screen time. Parents should take responsibility by discussing this problem with their children. Keep your children aware of how it will affect them negatively so they will obey you with a proper understanding in spite of showing rebellious behavior.