Technological advancement has taken the world by storm, where everything is just a click away. Digitization has slowly entered our lives and became a central part of it. We cannot imagine a single day without these digital tools. These digital tools are often backed by strong IT Support. It helps the users to file their grievances and queries while using these digital tools. Since every coin has two sides using these digital tools has got some negative as well as some positive effects.

Depression and anxiety are some major health issues seen among adolescent and teenagers in this digital era. These young people are overusing social media, as a result of which they’re facing serious health issues. Overusing of digital tools is known as digital addictions or digital dependencies. Young girls are often seen spending a lot of time over social media whereas boys are addicted to Video games. In social media, people always try to promote their alluring side of their life. Overusing of this tool promotes a sense of Fearing of missing out, commonly known as “FoMO”. This ultimately results in depression and increase in suicide rate among young girls. This condition is often overlooked and are not paid attention resulting in an increase rate of suicide. Young boys addicted to video games are often aggressive in nature. This video games promotes violence in the mind of young boys which has got some serious consequences. Overusing of digital tools promotes lethargy and eating disorder along with anxiety. These conditions are often overlooked and it tend to leave a scar in the mind of these young people.

However, if these tools are used properly, it can fetch some positive results and help us in a lot of positive ways.  Social media being an excellent platform to connect with your loved ones on a gloomy day. One can interact, socialise with their loved ones in order to overcome their loneliness. Sick and old people who does not have the privilege to move around can resort to these platforms to be touch with their loved ones. Social media is an excellent platform to collect data and raise awareness about mental health. For researchers, it is an excellent platform to monitor the behaviour of their sample and generate data which will help in solving mental health problems.  On the other hand, it provides a platform to raise awareness on mental health by using hashtags and so on. One hashtag can reach a lot of people in one go which is not possible in other manual mode. Digital media is also providing support to a lot of people who are depressed. People can post their story anonymously and can seek help from the online social groups that are present. These group provides certain helplines numbers to whom they can contact for help. These groups have strong IT Support who are ready 24*7 in order to help their users in every way possible. 

Digital technology is quite helpful in nature but if misused it can cause several health hazards as well.