In my work on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) compliance, I see so many symptom-oriented solutions that can and do make good things happen but cannot possibly trigger the cultural and personal transformation needed in order to fully realize the SDGs.

It’s interesting to be working on systemic change with organizations and, at the same time, at the United Nations in New York. It’s becoming clearer and clearer to people I meet at the UN that, until we address deeper issues as well as the role of individual consciousness development, it’s going to be impossible to accomplish the 2030 agenda. Helping organizations to connect the dots between their employees’ individual vitality, their workplace culture and SDG accomplishment requires more than just helping them choose a few of the 17 goals and adding programs around those goals. It involves recognizing that people, their work, and world problems are interwoven and so solutions must be holistic and deeply systemic.

That’s why my consulting focuses on catalyzing changes that lead to teams thriving by helping them develop from the inside out — by making sure that strong people are working in coherence with one another so that the collaboration needed for success is deeply staked in hearts, minds and cultures.

by Dr. Joni Carley
Author: The Alchemy of Power: mastering the invisible factors of leadership