One of the great joys of my lifelong obsession with closet organization is the ritual swap out called for when summer turns to fall and winter turns to spring. (What, doesn’t EVERY child love to put away those oft worn summer tops and swap ‘em for nubby sweaters and layers? Same goes for sandals, boots, and accessories.)

True, the LA seasons can’t compare to those of the Midwest or New England where I grew up, but even here, a closet reorg is in order, even if you aren’t ready to part with anything. Here’s why; in spite of my vanity and decades of stalking the fashion industry’s twists and turns, my guiding principles are always comfort and ease, in this case, dressing for the weather and doing so handily. I will not shiver for a frock, nor suffer squished toes. I remain grateful that I moved from New York City to Los Angeles months before Sex and The City premiered, because I can assure you, I was never going to stomp around Chelsea in high heels (and frankly am still too cheap to pay full price for them, a pain of its own). Like most moms and working women, I grant myself about three minutes to get dressed and out the door. Thus, the need for simplicity and ease.

Even if you don’t have much extra closet space to relocate seasonal clothing, a shift is transformative. You will grant yourself a more aesthetically pleasing closet overall, which in my book, translates directly to a more positive day. Heard of decision fatigue? It’s what we all go through making myriad choices day in and day out. Minimize that chronic treadmill and its effects by simplifying the process of getting dressed. We do this best by having in front of us ONLY WHAT WE NEED FOR THE SEASON. No more caftans for winter! Sayonara heavy sweaters for spring! A secondary closet gets to host your summer garb while it takes a winter vacation. The less accessible parts of your closet will welcome your winter wear in spring. No spare closet or closet space? Flat storage boxes under a bed make a great spot to tuck those clean, beloved reminders of summer away until next they are needed. (If you find yourself stowing pieces you haven’t worn all season or beyond, take this moment to pluck them out and put aside to recycle by having a clothing swap with friends/reselling or consigning/donating to charity. Likewise, anything with stains, holes, pulls, pilling, fading…you get the idea.)

When you open your spare closet/closet corners/containers in six months, it will be like greeting dear, old friends. And the ones that you’re less than thrilled to see? It’s your sign that like the seasons, your taste for them has changed and it’s time for both of you to move on. Really, it’ll be for the best.