Make interpersonal work relationships effective to enjoy a peaceful work life.

Work relationships are way important than you think. Your productivity at work mainly depends on how you are in a relationship with colleagues and people around you.

According to the Gallup Organization, people who have a best friend at work are likely to be 7X engaged in their work.

Strengthen work relationships makes you more productive and never lets you feel loaded with the respective job.

A good relationship is not only limited to the colleagues, you also have to maintain it with your customers, stakeholders, and suppliers.

The more successfully you’re building your work relationship, the more doors of opportunity will open for you.

With whom to build good relationships?

A healthy relationship reduces your stress level so, it’s better to treat everyone with a good yet welcoming attitude. However, in the professional world, some relationships deserve more.

The first thing that you should be doing is to analyze who is contributing a lot to your organization’s success or failure.

Let’s assume if your key stakeholders are holding a direct influence over your company’s success or failure, then you need to work on maintaining a pleasant relationship with the key stakeholders.

Also, don’t forget to perform a stakeholder analysis to search out the most influencing partners of the organization.

Now, take a look at your team, analyze your core projects, and individuals who are working with you on the same projects. If you’re directly dealing with the customers then pay special attention to your clients, and form a highly, trusted and honest bond.

All the mentioned steps will help you in creating a list of employees with whom you should build a good relationship.

Tricks to build good relationships

  1. Enhance your communication

Communication power is the best thing to strengthen relationships at work. The way you communicate things to your workmates has a large impact on how they will think about you.

You must sharpen your communication skills before building a strong organizational bond with your colleagues.

Moreover, communication skills also influence other factors like how you are dealing with conflict and collaborating with the team. In case, if you have any communication weakness, then start working on it today.

2. Figure out Relationship Requirements

Give and take is the general rule in the professional world and the same goes for work relationships. Figure out what you need from people around you and what they expect from you then act accordingly. When you’ll provide people with what they need, they will also help you in achieving your goals.

3.Make appreciation a habit

Never show an unwelcoming behavior it will be the biggest hurdle between you and your workmates.

Whenever you feel that anyone did a great job, take it as your responsibility to encourage and appreciate others.

It will boost your respect level in the eyes of others, and your professional relationships will start getting better.

4. Don’t be a part of gossip

A little gossip will ruin your efforts therefore, never try to be a part of such a conversation. Avoid negative talk sessions, be positive, appreciate others and do your 100%. Gossip leads to the mistrust between you and your teammates and eventually it hurts the performance.

5. Mange time for social interactions

Building a good relationship doesn’t mean to devote time to the workmates. You have to be very careful when it comes to social interactions. Don’t waste your time in having conversations around.

You can set a particular time limit to have a chit chat at the workplace but, if it’s getting unusual then be particular about the time you’re investing.

Note to remember– All work relationships are not worth it, still try to be friendly with everyone to avoid maximum workplace conflicts.