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Not only is community engagement a positive and fulfilling experience, but it also provides advantages for your business. The first important step is to create your community engagement plan. If you want to develop a successful plan, but don’t know where to start, the following steps will help you build your strategy.

Encourage Employee Involvement

Employees value the opportunity to participate in their community, so you should encourage them to join your community engagement program. They will be able to form relationships with your beneficiaries and brand in a way that money can’t buy. The best method of encouraging participation is to lead by example. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you show that you prioritize community engagement, your employees are likely to follow suit and take advantage of a space to contribute their skills to benefit their community.

Determine Your Goals

Create a community engagement objective, goals, and outcomes for your company. These factors will help you determine your scope of involvement. Important factors to take into account include your company’s purpose and what unique services they offer their community. What special skills do your employees possess? Decide how to utilize your company’s services and employees’ skills to benefit your community. Remember that your plan is flexible, and may change in the future.

Perform Research and Build Your Network

The next step is to research the programs in which you’re interested, and find out the public’s perception of your company. You can accomplish this by using media to find out what others are saying about your company and product. This way you can create a plan that strengthens your company’s weaknesses and continues to expand its areas of strength. Reach out to groups and individuals in your community and build your network of contacts. This network is key. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask questions or solicit their opinions.

Take Your Community’s Response into Account

Another key element of creating a successful community engagement plan is to listen to your community. After all, your community will likely have opinions about your company’s involvement and expectations for the future. Don’t just listen, but implement their ideas into your plan and make any necessary changes. By being transparent, you’ll help reduce your community’s concerns and build trust.

Creating a community engagement is an important first step in building a relationship with your company’s community. By determining your goals and involving your employees and community, you’ll be able to develop a successful plan.

This article was originally published on DavidAuerCPA.org