Spirituality. Wellness. Self-care. Meditation.

We hear a lot of buzz on these topics these days.

But what and why? What’s the point?

“Why are so many people into meditation and spirituality these days anyway?”

Over the years, I have come to understand that there are two categories of people. Some are deliberately seeking wellness and self-care through meditation and/or spirituality and their thirst leads them to the path.

Still others like me, just happen to bump into someone or something which leads them on the path to embracing meditation and spirituality.

I was 23 years old, when I started along my path to finding my own spiritual self and realized that this was what was missing in my life.

It’s like those moments when you’re busy, so busy that you forget to hydrate, and suddenly someone hands you a glass of cold water, and you realize, “Oh yeah! This is what I need.”

Why “Spiritualize?” What’s “Spiritualizing” anyway?

“Spiritualizing” is the act of uplifting the spirit. But what are spirits?

Ghosts? Spooks? An ethereal being? Maybe. It’s important to understand that as humans, we only label something as “spooky” when we cannot decipher it in the language of matter.

But, when once you start purposefully trying to uplift your own spirit, you become a seeker of truth.

The spirit, the energy that is driving us, running the biological system within us all is one of life’s basic truths.

We are a compound of matter and energy. Matter is the body, and energy is the consciousness or spirit. We need both to grow, similar to how the body needs protein, carbohydrates, amino acids etc., to stay healthy.

Similarly, our spirit, which is made of joy, enthusiasm, peace, needs a regular dose of silence, mediation, and discipline to stay healthy.

When we bind ourselves with practices such as meditation, it helps us experience unshakable peace and inner strength that nurtures confidence and creativity. That is what spiritualizing is all about.

Anything that brings more happiness, love, joy, and enthusiasm in your life is spirituality. Which is why wise masters say, ‘Spirituality is a basic necessity of life.’

That is the reason why comic legends like Jerry Seinfeld have taken the path of spirituality. Seinfeld, one of the most successful entertainers in the world, deemed to be worth over $800 million, has incorporated spirituality and meditation into his everyday life.

Seinfeld is known to be very pragmatic with his spirituality, using its practices to get through the day, and to make life a beautiful and fruitful journey.

But pragmatically, what really is “spiritualizing.” Is it sitting for long hours of mediation, chanting, and praying all day, every day? What are its best practices?

Here are six spiritualization practices:

Start your day with a prayer

Are you awkward in some situations? It may be in social situations, or while you are alone. Well then that means you need to work a lot on yourself.

This feeling of discomfort generates stress and anxiety. Prayer and meditation can bring about the serenity you need to feel at ease, whether in the company of others or when you are alone.

My spiritual guide Kamlesh D. Patel, whom we fondly address as Daaji says:

“Prayer is communication. It can range from the superficial to the profound. It can be a simple conversation, and evolve to progressively deeper levels of communication and, eventually, it can become a state of communion.”

When we reach a level of communion with our own self, we start feeling ‘at home’ everywhere.

Practice Gratitude

We take things for granted a lot.

Gratitude is a powerful tool that helps keep you grounded because it serves as a reminder of the many blessings in life.

Staying grounded is important because we will feel more at peace with ourselves. When we are grounded, our energy is balanced. This helps keep a clear head and have better judgement to make good life decisions.

It also means that you’ll be much less likely to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself or getting caught up in bad habits.

Reduce Screen Space

Turn off your electronic items at least an hour prior to going to sleep.

This is a little difficult to do. We are constantly on our phones and computers these days; they’ve become extensions of our hands.

Instead of trying to limit screen time, go cold turkey for a while – or at least reduce the amount you spend in front of your screens by 75%.

It will help with – focus, productivity, and in the long run, the health of your eyes.

Read Inspirational Quotes

There are times when we need to hear positive reinforcement.

Take time every day to look at quotes that inspire you – it’s a great way of reminding yourself what your goals are and why they’re important.

It helps keep the mind focused on positivity and inevitably empower you with courage, compassion, empathy, or patience (whatever might be needed in the moment).

Pray for others over worrying for yourself

When we spend time praying for others, it helps free us from the chains that link worry to an unrealistic fear of what may happen in the future.

However, only when you are content in yourself can you think of the welfare of others. So, ‘Stop Worrying’ should be your first step.

Meditate Everyday

If you really wish to generate inner strength, then the best way is to meditate every day. If you don’t meditate on a regular basis, then it doesn’t count the same way.

When you meditate every day, you will feel less stressed, less angry. When these negative traits lessen, you automatically become sharp and instinctive.


The six secrets to spiritualize your lifestyle are a great starting point for anyone who wants to make their life more fulfilling. These tips will help you start living with intention and mindfulness, so that the little things in everyday life have meaning and purpose.

Applying these ideas can create incredible changes not only in how you feel but also in the choices you make every day.

Live your best life.