Decoration and lighting need to be allied so that environments are cozy. A good lighting project can completely change an environment, create different scenarios and value the cosines and practicality. And that’s not all: in addition to its main role, the light also plays a decorative role, highlighting the design of the pieces, the architectural elements and making chandeliers and lampshades important aesthetic components. Therefore, the d├ęcor and lighting must always go hand in hand so that the final result is well balanced. Do you need a little help to bring light to the rooms of your home? So, write down some tips:

Color temperature

There is no point in making the most of cozy bedding, cushions and warm blankets if the light in your room is cold and harsh. For environments such as the living room, television and bedrooms, where rest and leisure are a priority, the idea is to bet on yellowish and warm light bulbs. Places that require concentration and work, such as the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and even offices, benefit from the cold light.

Avoid glare

Glare happens when light hits a surface and reflects directly into our eyes, disturbing and interfering with vision. In order to avoid this unwanted phenomenon inside the home, care must be taken with points of intense light near reflective materials, such as mirrors, used in finishing or decorative details.

Harmonic look

To achieve a balanced and inviting look, just use a combination of different types of lighting. The general light, usually centered, should be the strongest and illuminate the entire room evenly – to help reflect the light, keep the ceiling and walls clear.

Include points of indirect light with the help of some lamps arranged on the side tables with dual head led work light, sideboards, buffets and bedside tables. Finally, add directed lighting with articulated, table or floor lamps, or wall sconces.

Well-lit details

Do you want to highlight your collection displayed on the living room shelf? So, bet on prominent lighting within the niches and on the shelves themselves. A solution that has been gaining many followers is the installation of Led strips inside the furniture, which homogeneously illuminates the niches and shelves. Another option, which requires a little more maintenance, is to insert spots with dichroic lamps in the bookcase or cabinet, which provide more punctual lighting with dual head led work light. Want something more practical? Hinged sconces and clip lamps are also great choices.

Fixtures of the right size

Taking into account the size of the room before purchasing the chandelier is essential to avoid headaches. Always choose a lamp that is proportional to space where it will be installed: if your room is small and has a lowered ceiling, it is better to opt for a more discreet pendant lamp or a simple and built-in model. Is the living room integrated, spacious and with double height? Larger and flashier models will work just fine.