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We are now experiencing the most advanced technological times in human history and even though we have more modern conveniences to serve our every need, we are also being bombarded with more chaos and stressful situations. One area where we may have some control, with the ability to create comfort and peace is in our personal interior surroundings. However if we are not conscious of how we are affected by our interior surroundings, it may become more stressful rather than comforting. Most of the time we are not completely aware of it, but many times we are aware of when it affects us negatively. 

As Alain de Botton commented in his great book, The Architecture of Happiness, our moods “can become inconveniently vulnerable to the color of our wallpaper, or our sense of purpose may be derailed by an unfortunate bedspread.”

The solution may be to access the unique skills of a professional designer who can guide us to creating the best environment to meet many aspects of our needs on a daily basis. It takes a skillful and mindful consultant to help us understand the subtleties of a beautiful spaces that go beyond merely the decor. 

This Aspen Living Room is casual elegance with a stress free vibe

“In aesthetics, the sublime is the quality of greatness, whether intellectual, physical, moral, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual, or artistic.”

                                                              Sunshine D. Tutt, AISD

Sunshine Tutt is one of those uniquely talented designers who has her finger on the pulse of what can truly make a home into a haven. She has an impressive background in the industry under the tutelage of some highly respected world class trendsetters, such as Ralph Lauren, Karan Brady, Waldo Fernandez and the KOI Group. 

Now she her creative process can viewed in action as she battles for for interior design supremacy on Bravo TV on the new show, Best Room Wins.  Here we can become ‘a fly on the wall’ of some of the the world’s top designers to watch their design secrets come to life while competing to win. You enter into the realm of design where some of the world’s best interior designers go head-to-head with the hope of achieving home and design glory in Bravo’s new competition series.    

Sunshine Tutt, Interior Designer, Sublime Interior Designs

In each episode of the new series, two top interior designers create luxury room makeovers inspired by multi-million dollar homes in just four days while staying within a $25,000 budget.  Expert judges decide which designer will receive the ultimate prize of having his or her room featured in an online spread on, based on who best meets the following criteria: overall appeal of the design, how far they were able to stretch their budget, and client satisfaction.

What sets Sunshine Tutt apart from most is her intention to create with flair and finesse while paying attention to comfort and using tricks of the trade to relieve stress.

”Attitude affects everything you do, the way you sketch, put together a room, and even the way you visually communicate with people. It’s so important to live in color! Using color is a proven natural stress reliever,” says Sunshine D. Tutt. 

“Design should take us places and transform us, inspire us, as well as create a space that can effortlessly combine opulence and luxury with simplistic classic style…always creating a comfortable home space for all to enjoy for years to come,” adds Sunshine.

While working for these design super stars, she gained valuable skills and experiences by participating in all client presentations, including design concepts, schematic plans, construction documents, color schemes, lighting plans, wall coverings, window treatments and more.  Notable clients included: Kobe Bryant, Sofia Vergara, the offices of Britney Spears Christian Audigier, to name a few.

A striking, yet cozy home theater to chill and enjoy your fav movies and shows

Now as the founder of Sublime Interior Designs, Sunshine Tutt creates and designs both boutique and high-end luxury spaces that include large scale residential, commercial and hospitality projects.  Clients include David Spade and Brooke Shields who appreciate how her home interiors have helped them chill from their hectic careers.

Tune in to Sunshine D. Tutt’s episode of “Best Room Wins” on Bravo TV, airing on June 26, 2019, at 10:00 PM.

All photos courtesy of Sublime Interior Designs


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