Most of us are aware of some of the more obvious bad habits that can hurt our intimate relationships. While it is much easier to avoid visible dangers, some seemingly harmless habits can put major dents in our relationships.

Below, I am including six habits that we should all try to avoid for a healthy love life. To read more about my work, please check out my brand, The Heavenly Life, or visit our Instagram.  

1.    Checking their phone

Recent stats from bankmycell show that about 89% of men and 70% of women search their partner’s phone to look for signs of betrayal.

Spying implies we expect the other to be dishonest without any proof. This distrust can often cause us to find incriminating evidence in unrelated scenarios. Couples who do that are doing nothing but damaging their relationship.

I often like to surprise my partner with small gifts and gestures like remembering to purchase their favorite chocolate (as seen here)

2.    Watching TV before bed

Watching TV together before sleeping may sound like a romantic thing to do. In reality, though, it does more harm than good for the relationship.

The time before bed should be for focusing on our partner. Wasting that time watching TV can be detrimental to a couple’s ability to connect. We should spend that time talking to each other or simply snuggling.

3.    Giving our partner fake reassurances

Many people hide what’s troubling them from their partners, telling them, “everything is fine”. Although they usually do this out of love—thinking they’re saving their beloved from mental unease—they’re creating a rift between them and their partner.

Hiding tensions from our companions—especially financial pressures—can put a strain on our relationships. Whatever is troubling us, we should be open to sharing it with our significant other. Keeping our partner in the dark does no good; to them or us.

4.    Arguing in front of others

It may be an obvious no-no, but some people argue too loud in public without realizing it. Respecting our significant other’s image is crucial for a healthy relationship. Fighting or arguing in public makes a scene and only causes embarrassment for both people involved.

It is best to reserve any arguments for private times. This way, nobody will get defensive, and everyone’s self-esteem will remain intact.

5.    Not arguing at all

Arguments are an unpleasant experience in a relationship. We should always try to resolve conflicts through discussion. However, it is okay for some of these discussions to get a little heated.

Couples who bury conflicts instead of openly discussing them are building walls between them. On the other hand, couples who argue, contrary to belief, may be more likely to be grow together.

6.    Sharing relationship problems with others

While it is acceptable to confide in someone about relationship issues, complaining about the partner and antagonizing them in front of others harms the relationship further. No one can give us a sincere and unbiased suggestion by hearing just our side of the story.

We should understand that the best person to talk to about our relationship problems is our partner. If their behavior troubles us, they should be the first to know. If that doesn’t fix things, we can always go for a relationship counsellor.