We are in unprecedented times. Each one of us is being asked to move beyond our personal fears and discomfort and show up for our families, friends and co-workers. Our daily lives have been disrupted to a staggering level and most of us are coping with all of this in our homes, separated from the familiar routines of our daily lives. 

How can we strike that delicate balance of work and home when everything is shifting and we can’t seem to settle in. One important fact remains true, even today, the single most important thing we can do, is to take care of ourselves so we can show up “full power” for the most urgent needs as they arise. 

That’s why we are here.

For the past 5 years, Desk Yogi has been building a wide variety of short, accessible, “do-anywhere” online health & wellness videos designed explicitly to support our ever-changing lives.

We are launching a free daily 15 minute “DY Break” at 12 PDT each weekday on Facebook, Instagram and Zoom, to serve our ever growing work from home population that needs to feel connected. The benefits to taking a wellness break are immediate: Improved immunity, increased feeling of well-being, increased energy, increased lung capacity, improvements in strength and flexibility, and reduced body aches and pains. 

And we have also decided to slash our pricing and will now offer discounted membership to individuals and corporations during these times.

I invite each and every one of you to join us. I promise that in just 15 minutes you will just feel better! 

With gratitude and love,

Jacqui Burge

CEO / Desk Yogi