Self quarantine is indeed the most effective way to cut the chain of coronavirus infection and prevent its spread.However, staying holed up at home can put people into a lot of difficulties that pose serious health challenges and affects their wellbeing. The mental turmoil that people are going through in trying to adjust to the new lifestyle is damaging their health. There is an urgent need to address the issues by resuming physical activities at home. The chance of adopting a sedentary lifestyle while at home is the biggest danger.It can only aggravate health problems that can negatively impact wellness and wellbeing feels Ram Duriseti. To ensure your wellness during the pandemic, you must maintain a certain level of physical activity and practice some mind relaxation techniques that keep you calm amid the calamity and builds positivity.

To fight the gloom, stay active at home by following some tips discussed in this article.

Exercise daily by following WHO guidelines, says Ram Duriseti

WHO recommends moderate-intensity physical activity for 75 -150 minutes per week to stay healthy and fit while staying confined at home. The recommendation is not hard to implement despite the limited space at home. Think out of the boxand adapt to the changed circumstances. It is better but not always necessary to follow a fixed routine every day for exercising at a fixed time. You can still fulfill the quota of exercises by engaging in short spells during the day at your convenience. It is not mandatory to complete the routine fixedly. Instead, take to gardening, cleaning, and other domestic chores, including playing with the children to maintain a certain level of physical activity.

Take to walking

Walking is the best exercise, and if it seems impossible to do it at home, you must think creatively to find a workable solution once again. You can take to spot walking like a mime artist who fakes real walking or take multiple rounds around the house from one corner to another to cover a certain distance. You can even walk around while making a phone call. But if you have the scope to walk outside, do not forget to maintain proper physical distance from people around you of at least a meter.

Take a break from sitting

Sitting for too long in one place is harmful to your health.There are chances that people might develop this habit during quarantine that can turn them lazy. Take short breaks when you sit for a long time to relax the body muscles and relieve the stress developed from extended sitting. Maintain a cycle of sitting and standing after every half an hour, or you can opt to work at a high table or use a standing desk. To stimulate your cognitive abilities like playing board games, puzzles, and reading books.

Besides looking after your physical health, take care of your mental health by de-stressing and relaxing or doing something you like the most. Practicing meditation is a way to improve your mental well-being, which is the best time for it.