Having a compassionate heart, I understand people do not lie to me, they lie to themselves. Being a highly sensitive person, I can feel disharmony very quickly. Shifting from being a survivor to being a thriver is 100% the ability to embrace, understand, and utilise various gifts for my wellness.

Self-care is the best type of love. Self-care reminds me I’m worthy. Self-care teaches others how I expect to be treated. Self-care is walking my walk. Self-care is living in integrity. Self-care is doing things that make my heart sing.

The Universe is getting chatty again. My world is filled with people who love themselves and hand on heart, try to do their best. Intentions are mostly pure. Execution is mostly there. When the mark is missed, people in my world hold themselves accountable and well, fail forward. Admitting missteps is not easy but it’s so freaking powerful. People in my world know I have shifted. I learned to love others whilst maintaining healthy boundaries. Two years ago, I was unhealthy. I was convinced that love was based on physical proximity. Love was showing up. Love was building my tolerance at all cost. Present day, love is self-care.

My life in Asia was relatively simple. My social circle was small. I lived and breathed 4 quarters over 100 pennies. People I considered family were the real deal. One of the reasons why I have been able to overcome adversity is because I understood the difference between words and actions. My tribe. My circle. My community was filled with people who inspired various parts of my world. The volunteers. The thinkers. The athletes. The collaborators. The creators of magic… my community was filled with people I admired. Moving back to the USA was humbling because I lost inspiration. Rather than a system encouraging people to be their best version, it felt like it was a community of disempowered people. Dim your light as to not make others feel threatened. A false reality, I know. But my outer world had a direct correlation to the storm brewing within. Over the last year… or 2 years, I’ve done some incredible work where my outer world is starting to resemble my world in Asia! My life is filled with people getting lost in their own magic. Inviting me to join the fun. And me inviting them to join my flow. Grounded in love. Transparent. Simple. I am not second-guessing intentions because it’s consistent.

Consistency is one of my favourite things… consistency to be your best version. Consistency to live your best life. Consistency to love. And love fully. All things grounded with incredible self-care practices.

Living an intentional life takes well, intention.

Dog Care

A few months ago, I upgraded my self-care practices from song dedications to dog walking. I couldn’t figure out a way to get others to pay me for music (hahahaha) so I examined other aspects of my life which brought me peace. Hanging out with dogs was unquestionably at the top of my list. The decision was made. I applied for a job on various platforms (Wag and Rover). I accepted as many walks as possible… I built my skills and my confidence. I shared my joy of dog walking on a few social media platforms. And soon enough, people started reaching out directly. Can you watch my dog? Can you walk my dog? Can my dog join you for a playdate? At moment, I have a handful of LARGE dogs. My lifestyle is active so it’s nice to have a running buddy! It’s also a safe way to explore the city. Walking dogs has also helped me implement and maintain healthy boundaries with others. Despite juggling 5 hustles, I still make time for others. I often forget, just because I’m making time for them, they are not always making time for me. A learning curve I’m somewhat ahead of. It’s a matter of increasing awareness, staying in my state of creating magic and surrounding myself with love-bugs.


I’m finally in a position where I can decline projects and clients that are not in alignment with my personal objectives. It doesn’t matter how much money is on the table, if something disrupts my peace, it’s simply NOT worth it. Ever. Being in a position to not just say that but live it, breathe it, follow it, and honour it is just… POWERFUL!


I’m in process to figure out what type of coach I want to be. I’m not old enough to be a Life Coach. However, this seems to be one of the only certifications for coaching in the corporate space. I’m enrolled in 2 programmes. Let’s see how this evolves… All I know is I’m a no fuss, use emotions as fuel and let’s crush goals. What is that called? Performance with passion? Actively surrounding myself with different types of coaches. Hoping to be inspired to identify my niche…


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