One important tool for self development that Florida Residents may not have considered is a pool. Being in the water has many health benefits for the mind and body that might not be obvious. 

Helping With Physical Conditions

Women who are pregnant can enjoy time in the pool to give their joints a rest from the extra weight. This will allow them to move around more comfortably and benefit from the endorphins associated with exercise. This is especially important during pregnancy, because it is a time when emotions can take powerful turns. 

Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis can use the pool as a form of physical therapy. The relaxed effort required to move through the water is its own kind of exercise. Some who have tried the pool have experienced less tiredness. 

Psychological benefits

Swimming has been linked to endorphins, and consequently an increased mood. Those with dementia can experience a better mood if they take up the habit of swimming. Being in the pool can also give a person the opportunity to be more social and therefore feel better about her or himself. 

Anxiety and depression have been shown to decrease with pool use. Moving around in the water seems to exercise a calming influence on the mind. Those who have insomnia can also find relief if they make exercising a habit. 

Other Health Benefits

It’s no secret that a larger than average numbers of U.S. citizens struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Taking laps in the pool is a way to burn calories which can be made more effective the faster one swims. The sunny warm environment of an outdoor pool conveniently placed in the back yard with the help of custom pools Santa Rosa Beach might entice you to melt away the pounds more often than if you had to drive all the way to the gym. 

Cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, involves the lungs and heart. Over time, cardio can contribute to having a lower resting heart-rate. Your lungs will increase in capacity. With a healthy heart, heart attacks won’t be as much of a threat. Even your skin can get clearer as a result. Blood sugar is another category that can be helped by regular cardio. 

Swimming has the benefit of being a whole-body workout. This is because the water completely surrounds your body, providing resistance to every muscle group simultaneously. Fitness experts advise full body workouts because they make it so that different muscle groups don’t grow out of proportion to one another and throw the body of balance.

The full body work out can make you stronger and tone your muscles. Plus, in a pool while swimming laps it is easy to be working both your arms and legs at once, which in turn works the core.

Building a new you can start with the purchase of a pool. You can explore water aerobics. Throwing pool parties can add to your confidence. Having a pool at your home will give you a daily reminder of your commitment to self development.


  • Kevin Gardner loves writing about technology and the impact it has on our day to day lives. When not writing, Kevin enjoys working out at the gym and hiking in the mountains. Follow his adventures on twitter.