Can someone be motivated, and stay positive every day? Well, I can’t answer on everyone’s behalf, but I personally can’t. Slaying my everyday goals becomes a little tough on days when I am least motivated. But on such days self-discipline keeps me going. 

If you have goals to achieve but if you are being inconsistent now and then, that will only increase the gap between you and your goals. Being disciplined isn’t easy, but only being disciplined can help you achieve your goals efficiently!

Importance of Self-discipline

Excellence comes with discipline — you want to excel in something, you can’t do it without discipline!

Do you want to excel in writing? You need to practice writing consistently. Do you want to excel in dancing? You need to practice dancing consistently. With the help of discipline, you will be able to be consistent, and consistency leads to excellence!

Ways to Build Self-discipline

Don’t start with unrealistic goals

I cannot emphasize enough how above everything, starting is important. So, make that start and make sure to not set unrealistic goals! Starting with setting unrealistic goals will do more bad than good. So, start with ridiculously attainable goals. At this point, be focused on building consistency with attainable goals. Moreover, when you reach your goal, it motivates you further. 

Know the purpose 

Being aware of the purpose of building a habit, helps. Try asking yourself what discipline can give you? Or if not being disciplined, then what it may cost you? When you ask yourself this, you will get a clearer picture of your purpose. Moreover, knowing the purpose will further motivate you. 

Acknowledge and take note of the challenges

Acknowledgment can help you get a clearer picture of your progress in your self-discipline journey. Acknowledge and take note of the challenges as you go ahead in your self-discipline journey. What are the current challenges you are facing, note them and work on them. Be clear about the roadblocks, and make a conscious effort in eradicating them. When you are clear about your roadblocks, the process becomes easier and smooth.

Give a strong fight to the number one obstacle — distraction

Discipline requires focus and distraction is its number one obstacle. When you try to focus, multiple distractions will try to divert you. But, don’t give in. I know, in the beginning, it can be hard not to, but at least make sure to give a strong fight. And then, slowly for surely your resistance power will be getting strengthened. 

Occasionally utilise stubbornness

If you are constantly failing to keep up with a certain habit, then try being a little stubborn. Occasionally utilize stubbornness and get your expected work done. It has personally worked for me. Just don’t be hard on yourself. 

Appreciate your effort despite the outcomes

Self-appreciation is crucial. Make sure to frequently remind yourself that you are making an effort. And appreciate yourself for making an effort despite the outcomes. 

For example, if you are building a habit of waking up early every day but some days you couldn’t then just tell yourself that it’s okay! Then remind yourself what matters the most — you’re trying. But be watchful. Make sure that it doesn’t become an excuse. 


So, if you struggle with being disciplined then just know it is may be difficult, but it is absolutely achievable. So, start building it, and surprise yourself. Achieve excellence with the help of discipline. Because, discipline will help you to be consistent, and consistency will lead you to achieve excellence!