Enhancing mindfulness and embracing self development are constructive facets directly linked to building positive self-esteem.

The bombardment of life in the digital era has provided unsurpassed connectivity and has also exacerbated stress and anxiety and stimuli that create an imbalance of self. How can we resurge our energy and reflect back into ourselves to develop and sustain that calm, that element of higher self? The captured integrity mostly known to introverts, brings the wisdoms of quiet and calm as we  reflect on self-esteem development to the dimension of adapting mindfulness and the true meaning of peace of mind.

Self-esteem is a complex infrastructure that is integral to the balanced health of individuals through adaptations and transitions in life. A more adaptive self-esteem provides a higher sense of self and adds quality to an individuals everyday life. A balanced self-esteem can be is essential to the longevity and resilience of an individual. It is the essential support for personal stress that is the modern day plaque for a large part of society.    A positive self-esteem can be supported and nurtured to provide perspective and balance throughout life. Thinking positively and realistically can bring awareness and acceptance of oneself through the transitions in life that one experiences. Often just reflecting on key areas and drawing on the highlights both positive and negative bring a better clarity to ones mindset.

Reflections can support the dimensional review of oneself. The Embrace Health Self-Esteem Assessment Tool encourages reflections for personal growth and health and wellness.
The indicators for reflection are: Self-Perception, Physical Self, Emotional and Mental Health Connectedness to Self-Esteem, Role Identification, Social Identification, Moral Ethical Self, General Health and Well Being, and Home Environments and Supports. It can support getting to know the real you! At best this strength can give you a better levelling, and a comfort that may add perspective to all areas of life.

Optimizing the best of self is essential and this renders seeing with clarity and appreciating the uniqueness of your self. This is where self acceptance can be achieved with the self reflections and drawing from the subconscious into the conscious mindset. All the stimuli we encounter has its effect on us all we absorb it and sort through it. Taking that time away to distract to escape is essential. This entails all the unprecedented distractions and reflections about lifestyle, and surviving in a culture that celebrates overworking. It is essential to create the space to plug back into the self. Quiet and therapeutic time away from stress and listening to music or being in nature can support that extra element of self. The clarity of thought that gives a second of extra understanding and awareness of who you are. This internal energy balance is restored when we regenerate and defuse.

Developing a daily time for mindfulness  is essential and is one of the best ways to keep mentally and physically resilient in life. Focusing on the bigger picture with all things and developing an extended patience with self are key in reducing general stress at all stages of the health-illness continuum. Appreciate the goodness of everyday and find comfort and resolve where you may find it. Being grateful is essential, and promotes a deeper commitment to time and change as we evolve as individuals. Focus on productivity and getting the most out of your day. This will enhance your self mastery dimensions within your own personal role identification. This will also support a deeper understanding of yourself, and the unique person that you are. When an individual is feeling healthy and well, this may be an essential time to set a reflective awareness into a daily ritual. Reflections are essential to building integrity and patience and acceptance with oneself. The realization that we are all unique and that societal norms are a constant pressure brings essential growth with self acceptance. 

Establishing personal routines and goals are essential to developing a better sense of self. The entire routine of an individual is a reflection of themselves in various ways. Keeping positive constructive routines is imperative to supporting a positive mindset and essential infrastructure with self-esteem development. As time goes on we see with more depth, and we sort in our own unique ways what is essential to us as individuals. It is within the daily reflections and retreat of personal time that an individual can tune out the stress and the stimuli that is the part of the daily routine on so many levels. Personal energy and self preservation combine as strengths to build on. Self preservation in the sense that  an individual must preserve their own self and own identity to a level of comfort for them. This is done on varying levels by all individuals whether they are aware of it or not. In this present day it is essential to develop this little by little as we see trends of it already evolving as a natural defence mechanism. The research and development at Embrace Health for over the last decade reveals that developing a better advanced sense of self preservation is a natural adaptive strategy in dealing with stress and the constant bombardment of stimuli. This form of self preservation is captured by a short period of daily mindfulness that is essential to optimize energy and keep clarity and focus. This is achieved by a short time out for oneself, placing all other activities and thoughts aside. It takes skill to develop and can be done in any setting.

The research results we have compiled through the years reveal a higher therapeutic level of self and clarity was achieved by those who went out in nature. The metrics revealed that all sensory stimuli were supported by the visual auditory and general enhanced sense of wellness in nature.  It’s like that cup of coffee and that peace of mind, which we all eternally want. It is a skill to acquire that can truly reduce stress.

The levels of self preservation can support advanced levels of intrinsic self. You must strive to know yourself well, become aware of your capabilities and foster constructive cognition. Discover what makes you happy, and what makes you feel empowered. Perhaps it is helping others, or writing, or dancing, or drawing. Embrace self-expression in positive ways and in constructive outlets. It can support a more realistic self and be a real levelling experience for supporting and seeing the best in all people. Caring and empathizing with others is most ideal as it builds a higher element of self and society. This of course builds you, and transfers to others. Creating a better self-esteem for all individuals is the mission for this paradigm shift to mindfulness, achieved by unleashing your own self-esteem.

Arlene Lusterio
Embrace Health Foundation