Self-Isolation Activities That Wouldn’t Make You Feel Isolated

Because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, everyone is advised to spend most of their time at home. And though it may seem simple, it is a significant contribution we can make to help prevent the number of cases from rising. 

However, self-isolation can feel overwhelming. Even if you are not used to socializing every day, it’s easy to admit that everyone misses the occasional crowds and interactions. So are there ways to safely make ourselves feel less trapped during home quarantine? 

Here are some ideas to make you feel not so isolated during self-isolation. 

Take Advantage of Your Backyard

One of the things that make us feel trapped during self-isolation is when all we see are the four corners of the room. Try to give yourself a change of scenery by going to your backyard every once in a while. 

We often end up overlooking the idea of doing activities in our backyard, especially when we have a trip that’s canceled due to the pandemic. We end up comparing our travel destination to what we have at home. However, you can use this area in your house to elevate the stress levels you’re feeling at this trying time. Did you know that studies have even shown how gardening is beneficial for mental health?

At the moment, we can’t visit our friends and families for picnics and gatherings. At the same time, the parks and other outdoor places are also closed. But these things don’t have to mean that we should skip out on interacting with the people we’re isolating with. 

It can be a refreshing sight for every family member to be in the backyard instead of being at the dining table at every meal. You can have everyone help in setting up the place using tents and projectors. You don’t even need a big space to create a nice set-up because you can always improvise or use portable outdoor equipment like these small grills

But besides eating, you can also conduct other fun activities with your family in your backyard. You can go classic with cards, charades, or board games outside to get a different “feel” in them. My kids love doing a scavenger hunt around the backyard as it keeps their minds off from worrying about the uncertainties at this time. You can get creative and ask them to find creepy crawlies, stones, or take a picture of wildlife that appears now and then. 

Indulge in Art 

Nowadays, it’s possible to visit museums and check out various artworks without leaving the house. Art is a diverse world that it’s almost impossible not to find something that you might like. And what’s great about it is that you can also make your own. Just let your creativity and imagination take the lead because there’s no right or wrong. 

You don’t need to be a prodigy to venture into art. For example, you can search groups online and collaborate with strangers to create music or stories. You can even create your own and share them with your friends and family. And what’s fantastic with art is that you can always find inspiration. 

One of the things that can enhance the feeling of being alone and lonely is when it seems like we can’t relate to anybody. Discovering a painter, a singer, or a photographer that you can resonate with, especially amidst the pandemic, can help ease the loneliness.

You can also use art to relieve stress or pass the time. Podcasts, blogs, vlogs, or even a simple scrapbook are just some examples that you can try during self-isolation. And you don’t even have to necessarily do them on your own. You can use these activities as a bonding moment between you and your family, or even with another person across the globe.

Take Online Classes

Before you have your eyes rolling, productivity is also an effective way of making self-isolation less isolating. You don’t have to take a class about quantum physics immediately, but instead, find a class that you have been putting off before. 

For example, I’ve always wanted to learn French, but I never had the time for it. There are some classes online for free, and I’ve even found apps where you can do a language exchange with native speakers around the world. 

You can also learn more about a hobby to improve in it, or maybe try to check out some skills that you can use later on. Perhaps some tips on improving your confidence or different techniques on how to train your dog. Regardless, the internet offers a lot of ways where we can learn various things, whether it’s for just passing the time or for adding something to our skillset. 

Try Virtual Socialization

Even before the pandemic, there’s no doubt that everyone’s phones have some social media app in them. After all, it’s a fast and easy to use way to connect not just with people we already know, but also to find strangers and interact with them.

Nowadays, you may find your usual dating app or social app having more active users. You can take this opportunity to get to know people from various places and cultures, and who knows? Maybe you can set-up a date or a meet-up once the quarantine is over. 

Stay Connected

Lastly, don’t forget to keep open communication between you and your family and friends. The quote, “no man is an island” is there for a reason, and self-isolation doesn’t have to leave you missing out on your cousin’s birthday or a friend’s baby shower. 

The good thing is that today, we can take advantage of the technology to safely interact with our “rocks.” You can always set-up a date with a friend or your significant lover, even if both of you are just staring at your laptops. 

You can even cook together, or simply put them on a call while you’re doing other things. I find myself more productive in doing chores when I have my mom on the phone. We get to catch up on each other, and it also eases the worries that we have.

But besides calls or video chats, you can also try listening to music or watching a movie together. You can even make it more interactive and play games online with your distant friends and family. They may not be physically with you, but you can always find ways to have them close. 

Home quarantine and self-isolation can take a toll on our emotions. However, try to find comfort in the fact that you are doing your part to help everyone stay safe and healthy. We can only hope that the day will come where we can go back to our usual activities. But for now, take care of your health and keep your loved ones close…at a safe distance.