7 Ways to Practice Self-Love During a Pandemic.

In this moment in history, Mother Earth is urging us to BE more. Be rather than DO. Amidst the worry, illness and uncertainty consuming our world and thoughts, she is giving us the opportunity to slow down and GO INWARD which makes this time of Covid-19 an unexpected opportunity to hone in on our Self-Love practice which is now vital for our overall well-being, health and safety.

When assisting bossbabes in creating their personalized self-love practice, I always advise they incorporate rituals for encompassing mind, body and soul. I also recommend picking 3 practices 1 in the am, 1 midday and 1 in the pm, this allows you to reconnect with yourself and cultivate selflove consistently throughout your day.

Here are my 7 fave ways to practice some self-lovin’ in the time of Covid-19.

  1. Setting your own curfew.

As I write this article, I’m currently under night-time curfew in Nicosia, Cyprus. This made me think: “How awesome would it be if I create my own Tech Curfew?!” All devices OFF for at least 1 hour before bed. Not only will this benefit our sleep cycle, allowing our body to create more melatonin for better sleep and waking up refreshed, it will allow our mind the needed time to unwind and we’ll also gain back  that “time” we keep saying we don’t have to incorporate some of the below practices! 

  • Journal Work: Feel all the feels

Self-Awareness is the 1st step to loving yourself FULLY. So get that journal out you gorgeous soul and write it allllll out!

Your body, your mind, your soul may be feeling all the feels right now and you might be trying to push it away because you’re scared of what might come up. Right now, through these words, you have the permission and the opportunity, more than ever before, to FEEL all the FEELS.

Grab your journal at least once a day and write down your worries, your fears, and also equally write down the new lessons you have learnt, the opportunities that have arisen, the love that you are feeling, what you’re looking forward to.

  • Move and Groove

Find a way to move your body EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Reinforce your self-worth by cultivating a physical practice that makes you feel STRONG, SEXY, Empowered. This can be yoga /dancing/ body weight exercises etc. Pick something you ENJOY not something you think you “have to” or “should” do.

  • Breathwork

Inhale through the nose 3..2..1.. and Exhale through the nose 4..3..2..1.

We are being guided to look for love from within after spending most of our time looking for love outside of ourselves. Self-love can only truly be accomplished by accessing our emotions through our body and that is exactly what breathwork allows us to do.

  • Declutter

It’s time to get your Marie Kondo on my loves! Value and respect yourself enough to LET GO of clutter, Let go of past memories let go of “what ifs”. Not only is our personal space a direct reflection of our inner world, it has now turned into our Home, our Gym, our Office, our Space of Socializing. Decluttering a little every day not only gives you a powerful sense of control and achievement, it also tells your brain that you care about yourself enough to live in harmony.  

  • Eat at least one healthy meal a day.

You deserve to feel good and healthy in your body. Be kind and loving to yourself by starting with eating one healthy meal a day and notice how it makes you feel. Notice how it inspires other healthy habits throughout the day, and when you are ready move on to two healthy and mindful meals a day.. then three…

  • Acts of Kindness

Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Love others the way you wish to be loved. Keep in mind that we are currently physically distancing NOT socially distancing. You have many virtual opportunities to do something kind for someone else. Get creative and show the people you care about, or a complete stranger, that you love and respect them.