Rarely do we go into relationships thinking of Selfcare. Often times giving is second nature.

Here’s how to monitor your selfcare radar within your relationships.

  1. Is there a healthy emotional exchange? Feelings of inspiration – not drain. Keep in mind- relationships go through different seasons. Overall- your daily take away shouldn’t feel overwhelming.
  2. Matching efforts- are you making all of the effort to move the relationship forward?
  3. Health check- shared values in lifestyle and overall well being.
  4. Personal and Professional boundaries- check alignment.
  5. Communication. A great relationship welcomes communication. Agreement is everything.


How you value and love yourself determines the type of relationship you allow yourself to exist in. Coping with the reality of Covid around the world, we are certainly more reflective with our interactions, going and coming.

*Go for walks

*Treat yourself

*Nurture healthy self esteem and confidence

Enjoy the beauty of Your Relationships! Be Inspired.