Selfishness: The Biggest Threat To Your Persuasion Skill... Dre Baldwin

People care about their own needs much more than they’re concerned with yours— if they care about your needs at all (they often do not). 

This understanding is especially important when you’re selling. 

Exchanging your products for money is a sale,of course, but… 

Ideas must be sold. 

Getting someone’s time or attention is a sale. 

To get any person to do what you want them to do is a sale. 

Too many people make their sales pitches in life by telling your audience (one or more people) what you stand to get from their participation or cooperation. 

This technique doesn’t work — or, it won’t work for long or very effectively compared to a much better idea: talk to them about their needs. 

Their wants. 

What they stand to get out of it. 

Why their life will be better through what you’re offering. 

How _________ [what you offer] is the best thing they can do for themselves. 

It is said that maturity is one’s ability to think as if you’re in the other guy’s / girl’s shoes. 

When you can think how they’re thinking, you can speak to them: what they need or want, their fears, challenges, and wishes. Maturity is your ability to stop being you and be them. 

From there, you can read the minds of the people you wish to influence. 

Anyone who’s ever sold you something or influenced your actions did this with you on some level. 

The people who master it can move mountains. 

Just remember the key rule: it’s never about you. 

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