The comfort of launching into the market with good ideas and being your own boss attracts people to this type of business. Entrepreneurship can be a good path of independence and success, but it is necessary to be aware that in order to reach the top, many unforeseen circumstances and many difficulties are faced.

Faiyaz A Khan, serial entrepreneur, Investor and Public Speaker point out, some attitudes that can be real obstacles to success in the business world. Know some reasons that usually cause the failure of new entrepreneurs and how to over with problem!

Do Not Invest In Yourself

As important as investing in your business is investing in yourself. Formal basic education is very important for our preparation, but in today’s world, it is necessary to go beyond it to be successful. Invest in courses, training, readings and experiences that can add content to your business and yourself as a human being. Investing in health is what will guarantee your quality of life and your good performance at work. 

Remember: we work to achieve a good quality of life. Therefore, work should be our ally and not the producer of stress and unhappiness.

Be Centralizing

It is very common for small business owners to be centralists and try to do everything themselves. Centralizing everything in your hands will only overwhelm you and prevent employees from further enriching your project.

More important than centralizing everything in your hands is knowing how to recruit a talented, motivated team with qualities that add value to the work that needs to be done. More thinking heads are able to diagnose potentials and errors more clearly, in addition to adding values ‚Äč‚Äčthat represent what the consumer wants from their brand. Always be aware of these points.

Not Having Persistence

Temporary failures, mistakes and setbacks exist so that the negative experience makes us learn and evolve and not for us to give up. You will certainly not get profit and instant success, this is a slow walk that needs to be well built so that it doesn’t fall apart in the end. It takes long-term effort and many rejections to succeed.

Be Afraid

Fear can be a complicated companion. Often we are not even aware that we fail to make some decisions on our own. Unconscious fear is disguised as indecision, indifference, doubt, procrastination and lack of ambition. It is important, when we arrive in this wavering state, to ask ourselves “what am I avoiding?”

When confronted, try to be sincere with yourself and realize that without failure there is no evolution. If your idea is original and your work project is overwhelming, believe it. Don’t be afraid of success or failure. Look for inspiring quotes, paths and strategies that allow you to have a minimum of confidence to follow your project. The best entrepreneurs are those who launch themselves to original ideas and believe in themselves.