In our search to unlock the mystery of life and our longing to become whole, we must look beyond our day-to-day surface-level reality. A valuable path to discover this greater meaning, which I call mysticism, is through Mindfulness. 

Essentially, everything can be a mystical experience if we’re connecting to — as Einstein called it — the “radiant beauty” of it. But we must be fully present and allow our senses to be open and heightened for that to happen. De-programming from the clutter of the distracted mind to be in the moment of now takes a concerted effort. Practicing Mindfulness not only keeps us awake but also keeps us aware of the impermanence of life. Therefore, we have a greater appreciation of it.  

Everyone has the capacity to engage in Mindfulness. It’s an innate superpower each of us can access. It’s like having metacognition. It moves us beyond seeing to seeing what we’re seeing with total awareness. Our level of awareness makes an immense difference in not only what we see, but in how what we’re seeing affects us and makes us feel. 

Practicing Mindfulness takes us on a contemplative journey that can lead us to discover the mystical, creative unconscious and unlock inspiration. It opens our hearts and minds to infinite possibilities, and to a better understanding of how to become beacons of light in our own life and the world at large.   

With Mindfulness, we’re using higher-order sensing skills. We transport from the everyday restless unsettledness of “monkey mind” into a deep sense of present-moment awareness. It’s in this state of higher consciousness that we unveil a pathway to the illumination of the divine within us — to the mystical experience we seek.  

The mystical experience isn’t something that can only be experienced by mystics. It’s available for all of us to have, if we’re open to it. When we’re open to receive the mystical, and to step into the “union with reality,” we become unburdened with the pressures of the external world. In essence, self-surrender is offering ourselves to the mystical. 

Pairing intention with attention can point our minds in the direction of mysticism. For example, we enter our mindful state with the intention to receive a holy transmission, and then give our attention to receiving it.  

Use this visual meditation to connect with the spiritual shift that will unveil the mystical experience we seek. 

1. Close your eyes and take some deep, centering breaths.  

2. Imagine yourself sitting on top of a white, fluffy cloud. 

3. Extend your hand out, and imagine it being touched by God or a Divine presence (similar to Michelangelo’s painting, “The Creation of Adam”). 

4. Feel yourself receiving a holy transmission.  

5. Imagine it moving through your entire body as though you’re becoming filled with white light.  

6. Imagine this white light moving up from the soles of your feet and permeating out from the crown of your head. 

7. Give yourself to the transmission.  

8. Say, “I’m ready to know you. I’m ready to take you into myself. I’m ready to become you.”  

If we think of ourselves as divine beings, which we are, and regard our body as a vessel to imbibe the mystical experience, we can experience a feeling of wholeness, of oneness, and of great peace.