Erica Skynn

The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. Successful people see problems as a gift- without them, they would never grow. Erica Skynn believes setbacks should be learning opportunities for any business owner. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about starting a company or a job title- it is a state of mind. It’s about seizing opportunities, seeing connections others can’t and forging new directions that others haven’t explored.

Erica Skynn is the president of Derm by Erica, a business that provides skin care services and products to its clients. She is also a celebrity aesthetician and melanin expert who specializes in ethnic skincare. She has been in the industry for more than ten years, and through this period, she had learned and implemented several entrepreneurship aspects that have taken Derm by Erica to new heights.

Any successful person experiences setbacks. It goes hand in hand with trying something bigger and better. Setbacks happen, so expect and accept them when they come. “Setbacks are a badge of honor. It meant that I was doing something hard.” Embrace your badge of honor and own it.

It is the learning when you fail that deserves celebration, not the failure itself. Failure without lessons learned is a failure. When you fail forward, you learn in the process of failure, which means you’ll inevitably get closer to succeeding. Failure is not a joke; it can be expensive, embarrassing, or heart-breaking. However, the truth is that people who shun failure deny themselves the opportunity to reinvent and innovate says Erica.

Integrity has been the pillar of operations at Derm7. One way that Erica Skynn demonstrates this is by how she relies on science to develop new products. Erica Skynn admits that this business industry is saturated by new entrants, most of them trying out new things that might attract Derm7 customers. Customers tend to have options, and it is a reality when it comes to beauty products. Instead of actively competing with other establishments, Erica Skynn has decided to tell the story of Derm7.

She knows that today’s customers are well informed about different things and will only spend their money on a product or service they believe in. Similarly, most of them want to support a business that has a genuine cause- something that will make them proud customers. Both Derm by Ericaand Derm7’s story is to inspire beauty and wellness with healing hands, helpful education and effective products and services that cater to minority and ethnic-racial groups.