Although many people love what they do, it’s inevitable to experience stress and pressure from work. Apart from the amount of work that needs to be done, other individuals might be challenging to deal with. 

Seth Leitman is familiar with such scenarios as he himself deals with them. 

Laughter is the Best Medicine

From his experiences at work, Seth has developed ways for him to relax. Among these, his favorite is getting a good laugh to foster positivity. 

Seth’s way of relaxation includes watching a good movie, but not the news, working out with his virtual personal trainer, looking at his lush backyard, watching comedians that make him laugh, playing a game on his iPhone, going for a walk when he can, and test driving great cars. 

Known as The Green Living Guy, Seth is a green living guru and electric car expert. He is also a professional speaker, and a sustainability PR consultant.

Since 1998, Seth has managed projects on indoor quality and working on alternative fueled vehicles. 

With his knowledge on green living, Seth has helped people with things like home energy efficiency improvements, solar energy, and much more. 

Understanding Other Perspectives Reduce Stress 

Seth relates a recent incident where he had a misunderstanding with a co-worker which had him quite stressed. After talking to a colleague to help sort out the confusion, he realized that what happened may be just because of how the other person does business. 

“I’ve realized that another person in your company might not be mean, it’s just the way they are used to doing business. Listen to music and watch a funny comedian that’ll make you laugh. Then you laugh off the stress; it’ll help your core,” Seth advises. 

He added that once he realized that that’s just the way a person is and how they do business, then it’s not a matter to take personally. 

“So you win,” the Green Guy said. 

Developing a Good Mindset 

Having a good mindset is advantageous since it helps people maximize their potential, wake up motivated everyday, and capable of inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. 

According to Seth, some ways of developing a good mindset include showing gratitude for what they have, working out, consulting a therapist, meditation, eating healthy food, and especially, living a life full of love and laughter.