What if getting what you wanted was as easy as just saying it out loud? 

It’s not that simple, of course. But that’s actually not that far off from how intention-setting works.

Case in point: former TV anchor and LadyDrinks founder Joya Dass knows exactly what she wants. Getting there has taken time and work, but Joya has benefited tremendously from her ability to set intentions and stick to them.

On my live-streaming show Inside Scoop, Joya shared her tried-and-true strategies for goal-setting.

1. Pinpoint your goals.

Joya knows exactly what her goals are right now, and having that clarity allows her to structure her actions accordingly. She’s focused on growing her sales for her business and prioritizing self-care. With those goals in mind, she can decide which opportunities to say yes to and which to turn down. Having clarity of your priorities makes all the difference and there’s an exercise in my latest book Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You that walks you through it. 

2. Establish habits.

Joya knows creating sustainable habits is super important. Because self-care is one of her goals, she decided she wanted to structure ninety minutes of time for herself into her routine every morning. She used to get up at 2:30 a.m. to be on the air as a TV anchor, so she didn’t have time for self-care in the morning. But now she does, and even though it took her a full year to consistently get up at 5 a.m. to work out, she did it — and now that time is an incredibly valuable part of her day.

3. Understand your ecosystem.

As an entrepreneur, Joya used to do everything for her women’s networking group, LadyDrinks. She was the whole ecosystem! Now, in her second year running a business, she’s started outsourcing to create space for her to do the things that only she can do. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, understanding your place in your work ecosystem is essential for making the time you need to reach your goals. 

Joya and I at a LadyDrinks Author Series event – back when my first book, Listful Thinking, was published!

4. Cultivate your many dimensions.

From juggling to learning about bourbon, Joya has a wide range of interests. And she knows that spending time cultivating all of your passions helps give you transferable skills that will help you stay relevant in a world that’s quickly changing. If you spend all your time thinking only about your job, you’ll miss out on the joy of hobbies and the creativity they bring to your life.

5. Set yourself up for success.

Sunday is Joya’s day for planning out her week for success. She takes the day to think about everything happening in the week ahead — in terms of her business and taking care of herself personally, from social media planning to making time for self-care. 

Whether the time you take for yourself is full day or just an afternoon, making a regular time for planning will help give you time for the longer-term thinking that’s so key for reaching your goals.

6. Expand your reach.

Being confident enough to ask for help is tricky — but Joya says it’s key for defining and reaching your goals. Letting your network know that you’re interested in new opportunities can lead to projects or positions you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. But you need to really believe in your value and your skills to approach people!

Defining your goals isn’t enough to make your dreams a reality. But it’s a step you can’t skip. Otherwise, you’re going to be treading water in your career and saying yes to things that don’t serve you. Joya is living proof of the power that intention-setting can have in creating a life that brings you joy and meaning.  

You can watch our full conversation here!


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