Do you have a checklist?

At this stage of humanity, we are dealing with unimaginable complexities, the likes of which are new to our species. It’s nearly impossible to feel like you have even a remote handle on MOST parts of our day to day lives, let alone a semblance of getting ahead.

With the rapid, ever-changing nature of our modern society, it genuinely seems like if you stop and smell the roses for too long your life could easily spiral out of control.

Finances… Good lord. Does money even exist anymore? I forget. I remember hearing something about crypto on Facebook, but maybe we’ve moved on. I gave up. Now I just buy gold and hide it under a bridge.

Fitness… Man alive! I thought I was supposed to be a vegan and then the latest health guru had me believe I’m supposed to only eat every other week and only eat bacon… 20 lbs at a time! It’s called the ‘ticket to heaven’ diet…who can keep up? I’ve resigned myself to subsist on a diet based predominantly on tears and fear.

So, how do we keep it all together?

If the lower levels of Maslow’s often confronting ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ seem implausible to sustain, then how can one be truly hopeful of attaining fulfillment in any meaningful sense?

The truth is that most people live randomly in true most important areas of their lives because our energy and emotions are being sucked dry by unimportant nonsense.

We will spend 45 minutes looking for something to watch on Netflix but can’t find 20 minutes to workout.

We will stress out about an awkward exchange and obsess about it so much that it drowns all the good that took place before and after that incident.

We will connect with our phones but not with our creator.

And we would if these habits didn’t catch us off guard… everyday. We would be so effective in loving if we planned to be. We would experience so much intentional connection and meaning in our relationships if we prioritized it. We would have more abs and less fat if… we… just… put… down… that snack… and did sit-ups…

But how?

How can we get ahead spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally?

Glad you asked!

This is the very reason we created what is now called the Whole Goals Journal.

A flash of inspiration hit the core of our being one day and we started asking questions:

Why don’t we set goals for our soul?

Why do we pretend like Love is random?

Why do we feed our mind so much junk food?

The answer is because we don’t measure with any certainty these fundamental aspects of our lives. We treat our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies haphazardly and thus reap the painful fruits of our shortsightedness.

Take a peek.

This is our baby.

It is about to land like a meteorite on this planet and the casualties will be our laziness. It will be the death of our disconnectedness. It will be the line in the sand for all those souls that know we deserve more than what we are getting out of life.

If you want a FULFILLED life, you can’t go around begging for it. Wholeness is never given because its seed is already within you. The moment we start prioritizing experiencing life in three dimensions is the precise instant we take back control of our heart, mind, body, and soul.

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  • Andrew Love

    I'm the cofounder of Whole Goals

    Whole Goals LLC

    After years of helping people in different capacities, non-profit, religious, personal, I came to the conclusion that what causes massive anxiety in most people's lives is that they focus on external accomplishments rather than fulfillment. That's why I created the Whole Self Journal with my business partner in France. We wanted to help people reach the goals of their heart, mind, body & soul.