With millions of customers joining the Amazon marketplace, it looks like a piece of cake for many FBA sellers trying to sell online. But, while that can be true, it takes more than just opening a selling account. Amazon FBA selling is all about the patience, hard work, serious learning curve that involves learning their procedures, policies, and time.

In this post, we will talk about how you, as an Amazon merchant, can make progress by following these basic steps daily. Give a look at it.

Leverage Seller Central

As an Amazon seller, you need to focus on product demand and product visibility. While both are significant to increased sales on Amazon, these objectives are required to be achieved in different ways using different procedures and tactics. The product buy ability and demand deals with the infamous Buy Box, whereas the product visibility is more about keyword search. However, the most important factor to consider is leveraging Amazon Seller Central to your benefit.

• Monitor Metrics:

Monitor your product views, sales, return rates, and other analytics data like inventory levels in order to determine what tactics are working and which aren’t. You can avail the help of a robust Amazon software platform for addressing this phenomenon. Monitoring the metrics will help you plan ahead before any fallout.

• Communicate with Customers:

You are advised to communicate with your customers on a regular basis in order to know what your potential buyers want and keep them satisfied all the time. You can keep your Amazon account in good health by regularly and often communicating with your buyers. If you are not able to remain logged in 24/7 to your Amazon Seller Central account, you can use the Seller Central app on your smartphone to keep a tab on your customers, responding to their reviews and feedback.

Track your Competitors’ Performance

Every FBA business on Amazon has competition and in order to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, you need to identify who they are. This task is achievable through a simple Google search, spying on social media, or looking at the “Other Sellers on Amazon.” This may be easy but tracking what your competitors’ activities may be a little harder. However, with many Amazon research tools available, you can evaluate your competitors’ performance and scope out the competition by observing the best performance brands. It will help you get a clear image on where your FBA business stands in the market.

Track your Competitors’ Best-Selling Products

The best way to track your competition is to find out about the products that are presenting you with tough competition. Your competitors are not only those selling in the same niche market as you are but also other sellers who are selling products as an add-on item to what you are selling. Hence, it crucial to track the product performance of your competitors. By monitoring the inventory amount, profit margin, sales, reviews, and product price, you can make actionable plans on how to differentiate your products and compete with competitors. By keeping a tab on your competitors’ hot-selling products on a regular basis, you will be able to determine what the best-sellers are selling differently in the same niche and further exploit the information into new product ideas.

Track your Competitors’ Promotion

Everybody on Amazon is running special promotions and this might be the reason why suddenly you lost a major amount of orders to your competitors. Special promotions are what lure the customers. Your competitors are offering your target audience something that you aren’t and this might be the reason why their sales rate is high. Therefore, it is important to know what your competitors are offering. A few simple ways to achieve this is to visit your competitors’ product pages to check if they are offering any special deals, check Amazon Today’s deals, and spy on social media. Moreover, you can spy on their promotional campaigns on online forums and social media. This will help you plan your next move and enhance your FBA business’ promotional strategy in order to stand out in the crowd.

Determine your Top Amazon Keywords and monitor them

The biggest mistake most of the FBA sellers make is failing to know what their top keywords are. In most cases, the sellers find the item they are looking for using a good search term but not the top one. You will need a robust tool that will help you find your top Amazon keywords and keep an eye on them daily.

Build your Listing with Top Keywords

Once you have determined your top keywords (pick at least three), create your product listing using them. The key areas where you should put your tops keywords include:
Product Title- use the best and the biggest keyword right upfront.
Bullet Points- next, put your tops keywords somewhere in the bullet list. A market, descriptors, and other long tail keywords work great there.
Product Description- now, try to place your top keywords into your product description. The keywords you use here can be a more long tail than the bullet points and title keywords.
Backend Keywords- lastly, on the backend of your product listing, place all the other keywords that you want to rank for.

Engage in Networking and Personal/Professional Development Opportunities like Trade Shows, Conferences and other Aspects

Getting yourself out there to network and meet with new people, particularly the experts in your field of interest is the best way to learn from other’s missteps and mistakes before you encounter them on your own. Prepare a set of interview questions and always keep them in your pocket on occasions when there is a possibility that you could meet an industry expert. You can also attend conferences and trade shows and take good notes during their seminars. The information you gather from these events will be valuable to you and your FBA business. This will help you learn new things and implement on your pre-existing strategies to make them even better.


So that’s it, in a nutshell, you need to harbour all these factors in order to emerge as a successful Amazon FBA seller. It looks demanding and time-consuming, but to achieve success, you need to be disciplined and learn from your mistakes.