Seven Easy Bonding Activities to Strengthen Your Ties With Your Team

When you are planning to create teams in your workplace to help with different projects it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Communication often breaks down when there are broken bonds within the team or feelings of resentment for you or other team members. Here are seven easy bonding activities to strengthen you ties with your team and keep the lines of communication open. 

Team members names

This is something that may seem simple but will have a big impact. Know the team members names. When talking to a team member refer to them by their name at least once or twice in the conversation. This makes them feel known and included and will help with communication. 


When it comes to making decisions both large and small for the team or the project be sure to include all team members. Team members should be included in any decision making process. This way there will be team inclusion and everyone will feel like they are getting a say on what is happening within the team. 


You should always offer guidance and support to your team members. They should be able to come to you with questions and concerns and expect you to listen and empathize with them. Building connections with team members will help you create strengthening bonds within your team. 


Take a break from your office lunch and eat lunch with your team members in the break room. Being there while they are relaxing will help you to get to know them better and understand the team dynamics that are taking shape. You can find out different things about your coworkers that they normally would not share in an office setting. Take time to get to really know your team and they will work harder and better for you. 

Outside the office

Once a week you should organize a fun team building exercise outside of the office. You can take your team bowling or maybe take some dance group classes. Dancing can be a fun activity that relieves stress and is great exercise. Tango lessons, salsa lessons, or even ballroom dancing can bring a team closer together. Doing things outside the office encourages team members to relax and maybe even brainstorm. Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you are relaxed and not worrying about them. Solutions can appear when you least expect them to. Being outside the office encourages your team to bond and get to know one another better while maybe brainstorming and finding solutions. 

Open door

Keep your door open for your team members and employees. An open door invites open communication. Communication is the foundation for good team work. Make sure your employees know they can talk to you about anything. Be a good listener and offer advice when asked. Sometimes team members might just need to vent for a bit. Be there for them and they will be there for you and the company. 


Do things to help your team stay motivated. Have a breakfast bar set up in the morning when they come into work. Encourage them to take small breaks and walk around outside to get some exercise and clear their heads. Motivation will keep the team focused and help them stay organized while working on their project. 


Try and have a positive outlook at work. The more positive you are the more likely your team members will stay positive and encouraged also. Take time to compliment your team members on a job well done when they have completed levels of the project they are working on. Positivity and motivation go hand in hand to help a team reach its full potential.