Is your self-esteem is running low? Are you feeling powerless and stuck? Now’s the perfect time to check in on the status of your internal power.  In fact, you might even find yourself asking, “What is internal power?”   If so, you’re off to a great start.  Exploring the world of internal power is your first step to actually having strong internal power.  Are you ready to dive in and learn more?

You might be familiar with the idea of internal strength—that awesome sense of feeling strong inside yourself.  The beauty of internal power is that it takes us beyondinternal strength.  Your internal power actually contains your internal strength, wisdom, resilience, courage, and so much more.  Your internal power is the source of all that you consciously and unconsciously channel into yourself and the world.   Your reservoir of internal power can be tremendously high or, at the other end of the spectrum, devastatingly low.  Think of your internal power as fuel for your mind and spirit. Sometimes we forget about how important that fuel is until the gauge is on “E”—and we find ourselves stuck or anxiously stranded in the dark.  Yet you can learn how to efficiently maximize and replenish your internal power to optimize your well-being.  Although we ideally want to strive to use our internal power in positive ways, it’s important to note that internal power can be used negatively to fuel destructive attitudes and behaviors such as unfiltered anger and resentment. That said, this is your opportunity to focus on boosting your internal power in the most uplifting, radiant ways. Wouldn’t you like to power your life with the most positive, inspiring internal fuel available?  If this sounds inspiring, it’s time to discover and fuel the hidden depths of your own amazing internal power.

Now that you understand internal power a bit more, you might realize how important it is in your daily life. Without strong internal power, it’s easy to get stuck, anxious, and depressed. The seven simple steps below will guide you into creating greater internal power in your own life.

1.       Which of your internal qualities do you like the most? Take a time-out to reflect on the internal qualities you like most about yourself. Without judgment, just write down the characteristics that you really appreciate about the person you are. For example, you might like that you’re a hard worker, a dedicated friend, tremendously honest, and filled with kindness.  Your list can be as long (or as short) as you like.

2.       What internal qualities would you like to shift? Take a time-out to consider the internal qualities you possess that you dislike or want to lessen. Perhaps you find yourself a bit too stubborn, unforgiving, or judgmental.  Whatever the qualities are, just write them down without judgment.

3.       Are there certain qualities you’d like to embrace or create in yourself? Now take another time-out to ponder the qualities that you’d like to create in your life—the ones that you might admire in your parents, friends, or co-workers. For example, you might admire someone’s ability to be alone, their sense of serenity, or their self-assured ways.  Without judgment, just write down the specific qualities that you’d like to make part of—or increase—in your own internal world.

4.       Notice the positive and negative qualities that call out to you! Allow yourself to review each of the three lists you’ve created.  Place a “plus” sign next to each item that you truly want to increase in your internal world. Place an “equal” sign next to the quality that you accept as it is—whether it’s positive or negative.  Place a “minus” sign next to the qualities that you want to decrease in yourself.  Allow yourself to do this step with absolute honesty and without self-judgment.  This exercise is all about what YOU want to create in YOUR life.

5.       Create positive reminders! You have just created a perfect guide to create the type of internal power you want to create and enliven.  Make a separate, large-sized list of the items you’ve marked with a “plus” sign. Then, for each of these items, make a sticky-note with the positive quality on it.  Your sticky notes might offer the words, “courage,” “peacefulness,” “self-acceptance,” or any variety of qualities that you want to increase. Place these sticky notes in places you’ll see them frequently.  When you find yourself in a negative or stuck space, simply focus on one sticky note at a time and repeat the positive word.

6.       Release the negative!  Once a week, revisit your list that outlines the qualities that you want to decrease in your life. Notice if you are continuing to feed these qualities with negative habits; just notice any situations that come to mind where these qualities controlled you or a situation. Without judgment, just notice the qualities and imagine them floating away.  The less attention you give these qualities in thought and action, the more they’ll naturally dissipate.

7.       Affirm—and reaffirm—the positive! For at least one month, set aside a few minutes each morning and evening to focus on your positive list. Repeat each word out loud or to yourself several times over. Imagine each quality coming into greater power in your own being.  Imagine ways that you can bring each quality to life.  Pause to notice the situations in your day when you were able to manifest this positive quality—even in a small way.  The more attention you give to these positive qualities, the more they will naturally increase in your life.

You’re well on your way to increasing your incredible internal power.  All that you want in your life—all that you want to be—is waiting inside of you. It wants to come to life, and you can make this happen.  These life-changing tips—and so much more—await you in the pages of my inspiring new book, Joy from Fear.