Shabaz Ahmed is a 24-year-old entrepreneur in the home-based business industry who has helped countless individuals gain success in life for the last 6 years. 

Today, we will learn how Shabaz has been able to achieve this and we will also discuss ways he has used to overcome stress and burnout as an entrepreneur. 

Warding Off Stress

In light of this topic, Shabaz shares a couple of tips that can help you conquer stress and live a happy life. The first would be taking breaks. 

In today’s society, breaks are often underestimated and not observed. But people fail to understand that without breaks, their work output and general productivity reduces. Shabaz recommends that you take breaks such as traveling, playing golf, or hanging around with loved ones. Once you feel your mental state is going back to normal, you can continue with business dealings.  

Apart from this, you can spend time with positive people who will help you achieve your goals faster. Remember, your circle determines who you’ll eventually turn out to be.

Overcoming Obstacles

Shabaz shared that he faced a lot of obstacles on his journey to success but the biggest has to be believing that he would achieve the goals he set. 

He had a lot of people around him who tried to pull him down with doubtful words. He also didn’t get the support he needed from friends and family members. Shabaz shares that as soon as he filtered the negative noise that was coming from every direction, he started seeing success in his dealings. 

“Elevation requires separation so I started spending time with people that were going somewhere in life. I used to be around a lot of negative people and I decided to be around go-getters on a daily basis and this has transformed my personal growth and my business growth.” – Shabaz

Drawing Inspiration

Shabaz’s inspiration to thread his industry comes from the fact that he and his parents were struggling financially sometime ago. He set out on a journey to help free them from financial insecurity and today, he can proudly say he’s achieved that.

Now his goal is to help as many people out there who are struggling to learn a skill set that will help them attain financial freedom. 

Here’s a word of advice from Shabaz to anyone who just set  out on their journey to success 

“Don’t spend your time thinking about what you need to do because you will be thinking all your life and you will never get started. Start now with full force without any distraction. Learn from mentors whilst you’ve started your business and learn as you go.”


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