All across the globe, since time immemorial, the most common ritual among humans has been the family meal. As you look back, can’t you picture your kitchen growing up? What are some of your earliest memories – can you smell or taste them? Can you envision a holiday table, surrounded by those you love most where you have shared great conversation and food?

In today’s busy world, mealtimes have become more about convenience than nutrition and connection. Between work, school, traffic and after-school activities, cooking and sharing a meal seems like an impossible task. That said, the physical and emotional well-being of your family should be the most important thing in your life. The best way to achieve a positive balance? Food. Think about that.

What if there’s a way to get what you crave without it being an obligation or a chore? Preparing and sharing a meal is an opportunity to slow down, de-stress, catch up, share stories, teach and learn, and most importantly to bond. Many of us are literally starved for family connections. So what is the formula?

Let me be clear – this is all accessible. Whether you are a beginner cook, the world’s busiest executive or just have no idea where to begin, you can succeed if you just follow this recipe.

First, we need to know the source of our food that we put in our bodies and our children’s bodies. The food we eat affects our moods, energy levels, sleep habits, ability to focus, ability to fight off sickness and disease and whether we will lead a long and healthy life.

Second, we need to get in the kitchen with our families to cook together, to create family time without devices, TV or other gadgets that get in the way. When our hands are on the products that came from the earth, we share and create memories and interact in the most intimate, bond forming way possible.

Third, the family meal itself is where you enhance your family identity, build healthy habits and connect. This is our opportunity to create positive experiences and memories that will influence the behavior of each family member.

Taking food from the source to our families is what we should focus on today and every day going forward. It’s incredible what we can make time for when we are motivated. Our society constantly seeks the path to find true happiness. Share food. That is the way.