Sharon Mooney is bringing financial expertise to the realm of motherhood by tailoring her process to meet the needs, desires, and ambitions of mothers across the nation. 

Born in a rural Texas town with a population of 136 people, Sharon Mooney grew up in an environment where mothers often worked at home, had part-time jobs, or just volunteered at the local church. 

She expected her future would look the same, but she also had an entrepreneurial mindset. As Sharon got older, she struggled to reconcile the two. 

The thought of working for someone else her whole life and then retiring with a 401(K) didn’t sit right with her. She wanted more⏤options, freedom, independence, and the ability to set her own schedule. 

At 15, she began tutoring kids in piano, and this musical passion led her to pursue music at the collegiate level, thinking this was her path to achieve all the things she wanted in life. 

She graduated with a degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and made the step into the working world. 

Wanting More from a Career

Soon after graduating and becoming a full-time music educator, Sharon realized that the piano education path was not for her. 

It required long hours, was monotonous, and she found that her hourly rate was actually below minimum wage. She knew the music education path was not how she would meet her goals. The only redeeming quality of this job was that she could set her own schedule. Nonetheless, she decided to go down a new path. 

Sharon entered the 9-5 world, working in the hospitality, restaurant, and administrative industries. 

She soon found herself missing the ability to control or set her own schedule. The positions also did nothing to satisfy her personal passions or work toward her future ambitions. Within a few years, she found herself burnt out again. 

Sharon’s years of working a 9-5 were not entirely without benefit. She learned that she had two key strengths for her to utilize in the professional world: she was great at speaking to people and was a great educator. 

She combined these strengths with a need to be her own boss⏤having never lost that entrepreneurial spirit⏤and set out on a personal quest to find her dream career. 

Becoming a Financial Consultant and Educator 

Refusing to settle on anything less than what she wanted, Sharon devoted herself to pursuing her dream position. 

After looking for a time, she took the next step in her journey to independence by deciding to become a financial consultant and educator. Sharon took the time to learn finances and soon was a verified consultant. 

This new position met all of Sharon’s criteria. She could set her own schedule, regularly communicate with people, and could make a difference through education. 

Her main financial focus centered on security and educating people on leveraging, conserving, and growing one’s financial resources through webinars, events, and one-on-one communications. 

Sharon carried on with this role for a few years, serving business owners and parents both in acquiring financial literacy and security. But then, she realized that her role could even be more than it already was. 

She saw that in the financial industry, mothers were a forgotten and ignored force. There was no one serving them. 

It is during this aha moment that Sharon found her next quest. 

Going All-in on Educating Moms to Financial Expertise  

Sharon decided her next quest in life would be to help mothers overcome financial insecurity and empower them to make smart financial choices and create sustainable habits. Most importantly, she wanted to provide them with education so they could educate their own children on financial literacy and security. As a mother of two small boys, this was especially important to her.

The more Sharon thought about this endeavor, the more sure she was that it was right for her. The financial industry was dominated by men educating men, but Sharon knew she could relate to mothers. 

She was a mother who thought she could have made better financial decisions in her marriage, had gone through a strained divorce, causing her to start over from scratch financially, and was a minority in the industry. She could speak to mothers in a way men could not.

She set out determined to meet the needs of mothers specifically.

Through her webinars, personal budgeting meetings, life benefits education, consultations, retirement strategizing, and other financial services, she is educating mothers like no other financial expert. 

Because of Sharon, mothers are no longer a forgotten demographic. 

Another key component of what Sharon has done is offering an alternative option for financial education. The modern education system does not teach finances in any regulated fashion. 

With Sharon and her dedication to empowering mothers to become financial experts, the mothers can provide that education for their children themselves. 

From a small-town Texan with an ambition to be her own boss, Sharon Mooney has gone from a piano educator to a mother bringing financial expertise to mothers. She offers a comprehensive suite of services to bring finances into the home. 

If you would like to learn more about Sharon or her services, you can learn more here at her website


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