Sharrod Mariner

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those individuals who wish to cross boundaries and create their unique niche in whatever they choose to do in life? These individuals go ahead in making it huge in their chosen industries because they choose to walk the path of hard work and work with resilience on their journey to reach nearer their goals and visions in life. The music industry in the US is one such that has so far welcomed many such talented beings, especially youngsters who have proved their mettle and have also gone ahead of some of the established names in the industry. One such rising name in the American music scene is Sharrod Mariner, aka Skip DMV.

From the very beginning, if anything, that fascinated Sharrod Mariner the most, it was all things music. Looking at how his music idols played and created magic with music, he was highly impressed and influenced by them and decided to enter the industry to create waves as an artist himself. This encouraged the youngster to start writing and singing in the R&B and Rap genre, which later got him huge recognition and following. Sharrod Mariner decided to dive deep into the industry after he saw the constant support from people for his musical talents and gave himself the stage name of “Skip DMV”.

Sharrod Mariner was born in 1990 in Washington DC and was brought up in the DMV area. Now, you know why the ‘DMV’ is in his stage name. He saw his fair share of struggles since the beginning and transformed his pain into passion for music, which got him a prominent place in the industry. Sharrod Mariner did not stop here; he thought of translating his ideas into something more than music and hence came up with his one of a kind fashion and apparel brand named ‘Imagez’. Imagez Clothing is all about style, comfort and affordability. It has also caught the attention of many celebs like Kt Firehouse, Yung Juan, Lil Dream, Lakeyah, Young Scrap, Christina Malian and many others.

He finds motivation from the successes of his family and friends and dreams to become a star one day and make his mother proud. Well, looking at the success Sharrod Mariner has already achieved as a young talent, we are sure that his dreams will soon be a reality.