Shaun Lee was born and brought up in St Helens which is a huge town in Merseyside, England and during his teenage years, he moved to the Midlands. His thinking pattern towards the functioning of various tasks around the globe is different and from an early age, he was unable to cope up with the ordinary structure of the school. Shaun holds a belief that without role models, one goes through hardships which makes individuals incapable of choosing the right path at a younger age, particularly with a burden of the family.

It is pivotal for people to know their inner enthusiasm in order to accomplish something in life. According to Shaun, having a specific profession in the mid-’20s can’t result in a sentiment of happiness in the long run. An individual isn’t just a similar individual in high school years and without a doubt in the late ’20s and mid-’30s.

After a ton of diligent work, Shaun got a chance to work in a factory which was losing grounds in terms of value. Having an extraordinary attitude with respect to the working of numerous tasks in the world, Shaun was unfit to adjust himself with the work environment as he was inadequate with regards to motivation and mental stimulation. If an individual is unfit to pick up these crucial elements, at that point an individual is unfit to think about his actual self and genuine potential. As time was passing, he was getting disappointed in the industrial environment and dissatisfaction paved a way to quarrels with higher authority. Shockingly, Shaun got fired and when he left the processing plant in disgrace he gave another idea in his mind that something else may work for me.

To earn profits, he went into the world of trade where he attracted himself to MT4 stage to trade in. Forex permitted distinct ways where individuals can work and find their presence. Trade is a kind of errand which is performed by undergoing risks and one can’t obtain success in the first attempt. Without giving a thought in his mind, he straight away went for$10,000 bet hand, unfortunately; he lost the whole sum in one go. Shaun never felt frustrated with this misfortune as he realized that risk including errands takes some time to see progress and the flame inside him didn’t give him a chance to give up. The constant efforts by Shaun in acquiring reliable information and finding out about financial working in the market made him energetic to understand the concept in depth. It is about the preparation that made him effective in the market and by enjoying this field, he found his actual self and potential by being determined and focused. His potential has influenced him to achieve every task in the correct way. As per Shaun, failure must be accepted in a positive way and it must provide motivation for further immense achievements. 

Shaun took one step ahead by building the walls of the company under the name “Astro”, he had this brilliant vision of making a unique corporate culture. A culture which makes the experience for everyone related to it, worth all that they contributed. The learners who got the chance of having clarity in the understanding of money related circumstances from Aman Natt and Lee himself are presently placed in various organizations where they can contribute by means of the aptitudes they procure here.

Not simply the information base, which was expanding uncertainty, without questions, the social presence left by the AstroFx left no corner untouched; directly from the super earning YouTube channel to a wide Instagram supporter base and not to forget their student learners. The main thing that the founders had their complete trust was to have a profound understanding and to ceaselessly flourish to turn out to be better and better.

Aside from this, another part that was under investigation was a digital currency. Cryptonary, their business’ name, got them to the track of research and tests. The main change was their higher capabilities and to work in a group. This will benefit in a way that different thoughts of different people will come into consideration and people will come to know more and more about digital currency.

Between such a stunning profession, he anticipated a visit to Thailand which totally formed his point of view towards life. As indicated by Shaun Lee, mental freedom will pave a way to higher dreams and ambitions which are to be fulfilled in life. Some of the time, a few ”Me Time” is everything necessary to acknowledge what we need. For him, it was an ideal opportunity to understand that money isn’t what he’s chasing and not something he needs to keep running behind either.

2019 was the year he waited for with so much of eagerness filled nervousness. It was the launch of his Capital financing venture: Ezra Capital, the desire which was put to test in 2018. Handled over with an ample number of difficulties and being considered in charge of the London office, his relentless soul of being better at what he does made him a strong identity. He demonstrated that failures are one step ahead to triumph and by being determined can influence you to do everything. The young man who was loaded with a desire for earning a living by his own family illustrated what he could do with what he dares to dream.