In today’s society, things are no longer one sided. There is more freedom and flexibility for people to take the path they want to in life. It is also true that many women now choose to work and have their families also. It can be quite a pressure with bills and expenses to pay for which is why some men find it very difficult when they meet a woman they like that does not do very much other than have a pretty face and gorgeous body. It is not that a man minds looking after his lady but the truth are it can affect a relationship badly and put a man on an average wage under a lot of pressure. It is fair to say that most men even extremely wealthy men do not want a LIABILITY it so attractive when a woman wants to do something with her life. The thing is when you really like a girl you’re not just going to drop her because of that. So how do you tackle it? So what do you do when you meet a woman that doesn’t do much at all.Here are the options: 

(i)           Encourage her, find out what she likes and is good at;

(ii)          It could be she lacks confidence. Point out her strengths;

(iii)         Encourage her to take further education; and persist with her passions

(iv)         Assist her in starting her own business.

When you love someone, you cannot just walk away because they have a few problems. It simply does not work like that. The one thing as well that a lot of females and men overlook is the negative impact that not being fulfilled in your personal life can have on a relationship. When someone isn’t working, studying, or pursuing a business or project or in the case of women raising children they will have too much time on their hands which is never a good thing. relationship advice service.

Most people will tell you that when they are bored and unfulfilled, they end up picking up bad habits to fill up the time. It is good for everyone in a relationship to have their own life outside of the relationship. Co-dependency destroys the relationship completely and you may not realise until it’s too late in some cases.

Let your woman know how you feel and that you want the best for her. It can also put a man off committing to a woman when she seems to be financially and emotionally dependent on him when he is on an average wage package. It should not be the case but bills are a reality of life. Talk to your woman and work towards improving things.


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