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Inside of us are the greatest secrets of all. The dreams that reflect our most inner light that shines on both our physical and mental health. 

Dreams are sometimes considered taboo, hippie-ish or a waste of time. Remember that time someone told you to “stop dreaming and wake up” or “it is only a dream.”

Often we are scared to explore or face our dreams. Sometimes we question the matrix of dreamism vs realism. Our dreams are the most trustworthy sources of information we can ask for. They are so deeply rooted inside of us, they grow with us and expand into the depths of infinite imagination. 

We spend 48% of our lives daydreaming and one third of our lives sleeping in which at least a third of that time is spent dreaming, which means that over half of our lives is spent in dream time. There is a reason daydream has the word dream in it. We were born to dream. 

Some of the greatest creations have arisen from dream time. Larry Page says to keep a piece and paper pen by your bed because you never know what you might dream up. He woke up in the middle of the night with Google mapped out in his mind. J K Rowling’s mind drifted off on a train journey while she looked outside of the window and slowly but surely, the magical character of Harry Potter was born. Other dream turned creations include the theory of relativity, sewing machine, periodic table, the song Let It Be and more.

The more time we invest in looking out of our window, dreaming with our dancing or setting intentions for our day, week or year ahead, the more we will connect to our greatest gifts; time with ourselves and time with our imaginations. 

As we rejoice with our family and friends this holiday season, we must remember to celebrate our dreams with ourselves and let our minds wander with intentionality.

Dreams turned into art on http://thrive.dreame.me/

Give yourself permission to dream and see where they take you. 
Dreame is a collective of artists around the world turning dreams into beautiful artworks.  The art is a visual representation of our personality and passions; inspiring ourselves daily with our dreams. Dreame’s New Year Product is The Dreamlist. A framed print of your bucket list for 2020 visualized. Thrive Global and Dreame are partnering to offer readers a special holiday price with this special manifestation tool. Enter seven dreams you have for yourself. The special Thrive kickoff price can be found on this site. You enter a place you wish to travel to, a person you imagine spending more time with, an activity you would like to partake in more and many more dreams for the new decade: http://thrive.dreame.me/


  • Sharonna Karni Cohen

    CEO, Dreame

    I love writing, dreaming & dancing. I’m the CEO of Dreame: a collective of International artists turning anything we can dream up into art. http://dreame.me