Writing, like many other art forms, takes a lot of creativity, inspiration, and even concentration to weave the words into a story that can stir its readers with excitement or other emotions. The feeling of knowing that your piece has touched so many lives is worth all the hours spent staring at a blank page and thinking about what’s the best way to tackle the information at hand. 

However, there are times when writing can seem impossible to do because of writer’s block wherein inspiration seems to be so hard to find. This can also be caused by stress and worrying about other things that could affect a person’s ability to think clearly. 

Shirley Ju, who has been writing for the hip-hop scene for 11 years now, has her own way of combatting stress and keeping her mind at peace so she can tell her interviewee’s story with passion and credibility. 

That secret of hers lies in self-care. 

Her Own Version of Self-Care 

Self-care has become popular among people from all walks of life. This is so they can take time off and reconnect with what’s truly important. Even Shirley knows the importance of taking time for herself. 

Born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, Shirley is a journalist, on-camera host, publicist, as well as A&R. She lives, breathes, and sleeps music. She can even say that hip-hop saved her life. 

Her self-care routine even involves listening to music all day, every day, along with meditation and self-affirmations. 

Channeling the Mamba Mentality 

Shirley’s biggest passion lies in interviewing and telling an artist’s story. At the end of the day, she hopes to connect, uplift, and inspire others with the stories she tells. 

“I have since expanded my bylines and written for the likes of Variety, Baller Alert, Flaunt, REVOLT, Okayplayer, AllHipHop,” she shared. 

The renowned hip-hop journalist has also recently started her own show called Shirley’s Temple on YouTube which featured DooWop from Chief Keef’s Glo Gang imprint for its first episode. 

Her secret to being able to achieve all this is channeling the mentality of Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba himself, of never giving up and giving it your all. 

“Don’t ever take no for an answer! Always do your best so no one can tell you anything,” Shirley shared. 

For more information, visit www.fomoblog.com or check out Shirley on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.