TikTok has been in everyone’s mouth prominently for the last few months. It has become an extremely popular app, which can be found in most people’s phones right now. Everyone believed it was a Gen-Z thing, but Millennials and certain people over 40 have been participating in this platform’s trends.

However, what many did not expect was for TikTok to become a huge network, allowing content creators to open a path for themselves in the entertainment industry. The Director of Creator Community on TikTok said,

“We’re excited to help our creators reach their ambitions and aspirations — there’s truly a new wave of entertainers and artists emerging from TikTok. Our team invests time meeting with our creators because we want to learn about what they are passionate about and what their goals are. We love seeing them thrive on TikTok, and then to see them connect with partners both on and off the platform.”

Because of this, multiple media agencies have been working to help these influencers reach their professional goals. So is the case of Shore Thang Media.

Shore Thang Media

Shore Thang Media was founded by creative entrepreneur Zachary Elliot. He put together a medium-sized team of digital pros to help up-and-coming internet personalities. This team has a global, mobile-first mindset to reach people around the globe with every imaginable form of digital content. But what exactly is Shore Thang? The premise behind Shore Thang is to build a platform where content creators can start professional careers through creating a culture of trust and ethical behavior for their various artistic and creative talents. It’s been a long road of not only developing trust but ensuring that ethical behavior even with a little controversy is being practiced. “There is some shock and awe but it’s never boring,” says founder Zachary Elliot.

Since its foundation, Shore Thang has helped multiple influencers expand their reach and jumpstart their careers. From actresses to models. From video creators to dancers. From Instagram to YouTube and TikTok. This media agency makes sure their talent does not go unnoticed.

Shore Thang and TikTok

Shore Thang Media’s group of influencers is made of beautiful, talented women who have been using their social media platforms to jump start their careers. This media company has helped them broaden their audiences and have their talent reach thousands of different people all over the world.

Although Shore Thang is an expert on social media, its talent has become very successful by creating content for TikTok. Several video creators and dancers have increased their follower count and created a path for themselves in the very busy entertainment industry. Here are a few names to keep an eye on:

1.       Amber Pozzi – Video Creator: with over 40.3K followers, she keeps her followers entertained with different video creations.

2.       Emma McCue – Dancer:she has more than 84.5K followers who continuously wait for a new dancing video, whether it is part of a trend or she is creating something new.

3.       Lauren Burch – Video Creator:with pink hair and 630.2K followers, she keeps everyone happy with different styles of video and posting daily.

4.       Lexi Degraw – Video Creator:she is starting out with 13.7K followers, but her videos already brighten everyone’s “For You Page.”

5.       Neave Dare – Video Creator:her 43.3K followers can expect to see a variety of videos taking them through her life with a sense of humor and music.

6.       Niki Peacock – Dancer:this Florida blonde keeps her 592.3K followers on their toes posting videos of herself dancing almost hourly every day.

7.       Tiana Trudeau – Video Creator:this girl’s 519.6K followers will always be happy with her repertoire of videos at work, at home, or working out.

A Career Jumpstart

At certain times, social media has had a negative connotation. Many have labeled it as a bad source of information. However, those who know how to use it properly know it is more than just a number of platforms to share memes. Shore Thang Media put together a team of people who know exactly how to use social media to their advantage. By working with different talented women, they have been able to jump start their career through TikTok–a controversial yet well-known app. At the end of the day, it is all about how you use your talent and your resources to reach your goals. And Shore Thang’s ladies have definitely opened a path to success! “Clout alone can’t pay the rent,” exclaims Elliott, an ode to monetizing and wielding the power that influencers and creators have in the digital landscape and leveraging those platforms for their career aspirations.